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16 money-saving tricks for when you next buy furniture

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Financially speaking, buying furniture can be a real bind. You trawl the shops looking for something you like and then you see the price tag! When you've recovered from the shock of how much your great taste could cost you, it's time to sit down with a cuppa and see how you could save money. That's what we want to help you with today. 

Interior designers know how to source amazing furniture for a steal and now so do we, and we can't keep a secret. From savvy-shopping to bargain-hunting, we have all the tips you need to get the look you want for your home for less.

Let's get to it!

1. Find what you like first and compare prices online

If you've found something absolutely perfect for your home but the price is a little steep, take down all the details, such as the make, model name, dimensions and price and get online.

You'll be shocked at how much prices vary and if you stumble across a furniture company that's closing down, your luck could be in!

2. Check out charity shops

Five door oak credenza muto Living roomCupboards & sideboards

Five door oak credenza


Charity shops often get house clearance items and you know what that means… amazing vintage furniture! 

So much modern furniture is based on a vintage classic, so why buy the imitation piece when you could have the original? Charity shops are also usually super cheap for furniture as they need the space back.

3. Keep an eye out for end of season sales

There seems to be a mid-season, end of season and holiday sale every five minutes, but keep an eye out for the really good ones. End of season sales are usually best as new items will be coming in and shops need to get rid of last year's models first. 

We have the January sales just around the corner, but wait until the first week of February for the real steals!

4. Look on auctions sites

We don't think we're alone when we say that we love a good late night auction site trawl when we can't sleep. The only trouble is we end up bidding on things we don't actually need and wake up in the morning to discover we've won them!

Always think about logistics when you bid on something as it will usually be your responsibility to collect it.

5. Don't turn your nose up at discount shops

Discount shops are a great way to find what you want for less as they tend to stock old season pieces that have since been superseded. You might even find some cool designer-look items, as they're very Marmite in terms of who will and won't like them. 

That statement coffee table you want for your living room? It could be waiting for you in a discount shop!

6. Look for house clearance listings

Tango Sofa Archer + Co Living roomStools & chairs
Archer + Co

Tango Sofa

Archer + Co

Check your local free-ads and sale websites as there will often be house clearance listings in there. Better still, grab the bull by the horns and ring some house clearance companies directly to see if you can go and take a look around their warehouse.

You might find something amazing!

7. Consider visiting fair weather car boot sales

'Lilac' Girl's study/bedroom furniture set by Siluetto homify Nursery/kid's roomBeds & cribs

'Lilac' Girl's study/bedroom furniture set by Siluetto


Stay in if the weather looks bad as nobody wants soggy furniture. However, if the sun is shining, get down to those sales! 

So many people seem to find outrageously cool vintage furniture for a few pounds at car boot sales, and if you wait until the sale draws to an end and do a final sweep, people are desperate to not take things home with them and will often reduce their asking price.

8. Check your local pre-loved websites

There's nothing wrong with some well-loved second-hand furniture, especially if you're planning to personalise it with new handles or maybe a lick of paint.

A lot of people on pre-loved sites will also deliver to you (for some fuel money), so it's a great solution for everybody!

9. Find out who price-matches

Flocktail Chairs - Luku Home Luku Home Living roomStools & chairs
Luku Home

Flocktail Chairs—Luku Home

Luku Home

This is a great idea! If you find the absolutely perfect piece of furniture but have seen it cheaper online, ask if the shop will price match as this could save you hundreds! 

Shops always have some wiggle room in terms of cost and, if you can prove that you found the exact same item for less money elsewhere, they will usually drop the price to bag the sale.

10. Check for manger's specials in large shops

Large shops that have demonstration areas will often also have a 'manager's special' area, where items that have been returned or pieces without packaging are reduced for a quick sale. 

Who needs the cardboard box anyway? 

11. Don't buy cheaply made items

Annecy Hand Painted Bedroom Furniture Corndell Quality Furniture BedroomBeds & headboards Wood Grey
Corndell Quality Furniture

Annecy Hand Painted Bedroom Furniture

Corndell Quality Furniture

This is a long-term tip but a good one nonetheless. 

If you keep buying cheap, poorly-made furniture for your home, you will replace it more often, thus costing you more over a lifetime. Buy solid, well-made furniture that comes with a guarantee and, although it'll cost more in the short term, you could have it forever!

12. Don't buy faddy items

Leonore Chest of Drawers homify BedroomWardrobes & closets

Leonore Chest of Drawers


Fashion is a cruel mistress in that you follow her religiously, buy all the must-have items of the season and then within six months, you're out of style again. 

Instead of buying things that seem cool, trust your tastes and buy something you know you will love forever. That way it will never be a waste of money!

13. Invest where it matters

Certain items shouldn't be skimped on. We're talking about beds and bathtubs here! 

You need something sturdy, guaranteed to last and robust so, by all means shop around for the best price, but don't be surprised if a few items cost more than you hoped they would.

14. Have the right measurements to hand

Eames Plastic Side Chair DSW - Vitra MOHD - Mollura Home and Design Living roomStools & chairs
MOHD—Mollura Home and Design

Eames Plastic Side Chair DSW—Vitra

MOHD - Mollura Home and Design

Never shop for furniture without your measurements to hand. You need to know if things will fit through your front door, internal doors, up the stairs, in the room where they will live and so on. 

Forget just one measurement and you might find yourself bitterly disappointed.

15. Be open to the idea of ex-display items

Deben Dining table in reclaimed French oak Salvation Furniture KitchenTables & chairs
Salvation Furniture

Deben Dining table in reclaimed French oak

Salvation Furniture

There is nothing wrong with buying ex-display furniture. In fact, it is almost better as you know exactly what you will be getting. Take your time, inspect every part and ask if the price is the best the shop can do, as you can still often get an extra 10% off. 

Don't forget that scratched legs and things like that aren't a deal breaker as you can replace them!

16. Buy a discontinued item

Arthur Tall Faux Leather Bed homify BedroomBeds & headboards

Arthur Tall Faux Leather Bed


If you have faith in your taste and know you won't suddenly go off an item, buying discontinued furniture is a fantastic idea. It wouldn't work for kitchens as you'd never be able to find replacement doors. However, it's a real winner for bedroom pieces.

The very idea of something not being available any more puts so many people off buying but we see that as a golden opportunity to be more exclusive and unique!

For more helpful home furnishing tips, take a look at this Ideabook: 25 biggest decorating mistakes and solutions (part one).

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