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The delight of living in a multi-story home is a completely unique one. Staircases and whimsical views from windows, privacy and a sprawling space to thrive—these are some of the many perks that one enjoys whilst living in a double-story home. These villas and bungalows are usually standalone ones or row houses that are built for family use. You may have a small two-story home or a duplex, but it makes a world of difference when it comes to doing it up and feeling the freedom of separate private quarters, when you want to retire at the end of every day. This is something that an apartment usually cannot offer you. So, if you dream of a home with stairs, then you need to visit these five beautiful houses for some design inspiration!

​Asymmetrical beauty.

This double-story home has an asymmetrical slant, which is cut down the center and tapers only on one side. The other side is a play of linear layers and terraces, which gives it all a lofty dimension and look. In the center, the patio leans to a side with the wooden door and a path leading up to it. The greenery can be seen at varying heights for a wholesome look.

​Sprawling mansion.

This towering mansion with its sprawling look and layout makes for a rather luxurious statement. The brown stone and green aura of the space shows off a neutral vibe, which is topped with a stylish and gleaming glass that offers a larger than life look. In the center, the recessed entryway invites you inside.

​Artistic leanings.

This double-story home has been built with the help of artistic geometry for a look that is extremely unique. The angles veer off to form triangular alcoves below, even as they meet in the stylish banks of windows above. The entire look is accentuated with white walls and glass sheets. The entry is also set in a diagonal stance, which makes for a never seen before look.

​Contemporary style.

This large home has a sleek and contemporary style that is absolutely breath taking. The glass box on one side has classic black metal grills lining the boxes where the glass sheets meet. This glass cube is a part of the larger white structure with a monochrome edge. The black rooftop drops in angles for a terrace to sit on top of the glass box. The slim lines of windows conceal the staircase and the tall wooden door can be reached with the help of the wide stairs lining the driveway.

​Boxed and set in glass.

The glass corners and windows of this home make for an open statement. The two levels of home, set in two boxes one on top of the other, play a whimsical balancing act. Greenery along with the stone panels, white walls and wooden detailing define the rest of the facade. Here are few more ideas that might pique your interest - 5 brilliant before and after facades!

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