10 low cost and inspiring pre-fabricated homes

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Making a home is a wonderful process, but so is looking after the planet that we call home. In order to build your home without leaving a heavy carbon footprint on the planet, there are a variety of measures that we can take. Pre-fabricated homes are the next best things to have happened to the field of design and decor. These homes can very easily be built and assembled on a factory floor so that the labor, time and cost can easily be brought down 10 times. Here are some amazing and beautiful houses that are low cost and eco-friendly as well. So prepare to get inspired, big time!

​Countryside style.

This countryside home has a neat navy blue and grayish slanting roof that contributes to a well layered cottage look with pillars and wooden fixtures. The surrounding area has been done up with pretty and well-manicured greenery.

​Sprawling family home.

This large villa like structure has a swimming pool on one side with a patio leading up to it. The landscaping has been done with grass and natural stone, while solar panels can be seen in the rooftop.

Terraced beauty.

This home has a large terrace with white walls for the facade and plenty of warm wooden touches as you walk around. The deck and the pillars add color to the home. Glass has also been used liberally in this space.

​Mediterranean good looks.

This red and white home aims at bringing alive the look of terracotta shingles that mark the typical low lying roof of Mediterranean homes. The home is brightly lit up and provides a well laid out look, featuring a deck and plenty of greenery around it.

​Contemporary structure.

This über modern home brings on a minimalist flavor with glass sheets for the facade and simple black frames holding the same. The wide white tiles make up the wing on the side, which goes down a story in a linear drop. The deck has been done up with stylish wooden planks.

​Single family home.

This kind of a townhouse can also be built with a pre-fabricated structure, where the top wing is held in a stylish brown bracket as a contrast to the white walls below. Glass and wood complete the design of this home.

​Stuff of fairytales.

This pre-fabricated home has a fairy tale like appeal with a glass facade. A tapering A line structure clads with wood on the sides.

​Minimalism at play.

The minimalist beauty of this linear home makes it an ideal L shaped structure for modern living, with a courtyard in the center.

​Chic modern home.

This modern looking home is a chic one built in a warehouse style with bright and airy corridors along the side.

​In the woods.

This pretty home is set amidst the woods. It is a cross between a traditional country design and a modern design value. Here are few more ideas that might interest you - 7 different kitchen inspirations

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