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26 useful ideas for your home

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Redecorating your home and then maintaining it isn't the easiest of tasks. You put a lot of money, time and effort into turning your house into a home but just when you think it's over there is a small task to be done. With a few simple tips and tricks you can keep your housing looking great and running smoothly to prevent any little mishaps in the future.

Below are twenty-six ideas and helpful tips to keep your home in tip-top shape without spending a lot of time or money. Ranging from things as simple and readily available as baby oil to touching up paint stains, these ideas will keep your home looking magnificent.

1. When painting your walls, strongly secure a piece of plastic over the floors with tape so that no paint drips onto them.

2. After painting each layer, thoroughly wash the paint brushes and keep them a bit moist so that the next layer goes on smoothly.

modern Dining room by Ociohogar

Mesa Dominó de Cattelan Italia


3. Creaky doors? Sprinkle some baby powder or talcum powder on them to prevent them from making noise.

 Windows & doors  by Modern Doors Ltd
Modern Doors Ltd

Ravenna Oak Internal Door Prefinished

Modern Doors Ltd

4. If you do manage to get a bit of paint on the floors, rub baby oil in small circular motions to remove.

5. Carefully tape and cover all baseboards before painting the wall to prevent any unwanted paint stains.

6. Use flax seed oil to moisten old and crusted paint around the can and then give the paint a good stir to loosen before using.

7. If you're having trouble getting your rug to stay in place, try some double-sided tape on the back to prevent it from slipping and sliding.

 Walls & flooring by FLOOR_STORY

Kangan Arora—Weft


8. If you have an old rug or leftover thick fabric, cut into small squares and use as coasters or hot plates that will easily be incorporated into your design.

9. If you have a leaky faucet, simply check to see if the washer deteriorated. A simple change can save you a lot on your water bill without needing to buy a whole new faucet.

10. Create your own stencil with some acetate, paint, and some good painters tape. You can have a unique and beautiful home without spending a fortune!

modern Bathroom by Drummonds Bathrooms
Drummonds Bathrooms

Drummond's Case Study: London Townhouse, Notting Hill

Drummonds Bathrooms

11. Rather than getting on your hands and knees or paying a lot of money to stain your deck, use a simple broom to paint the stain on.

 Walls & flooring by Bona

Bona Decking System


12. Use chalk paint or washable paint in a children's room so that they are free to create without any repercussions.

 Walls & flooring by Tektura Wallcoverings
Tektura Wallcoverings

Make any smooth, low porosity surface dry erase. Clear Erase is transparent, so underlying colour and pattern shine through. Apply like paint.

Tektura Wallcoverings

13. When finished painting, store the cans on top of the paint trays to prevent any drips or spills from ruining your storage place.

14. If you need to touch up dark hardwood flooring, use a cloth and some coffee to re-stain the spots.

 Walls & flooring by Quick-Step

Old White Oak Dark


15. Use slim removable hooks rather than screws or nails to hang up artwork or lightweight shelves, this way you won't damage the walls.

16. Make your radiators pop by painting them with heat-resistant paint and breathe new life into your space.

classic Corridor, hallway & stairs by Stelrad



17. Use a bar of soap to rub along the edges of furniture to prevent marks from forming on the walls.

country Living room by The Cotswold Company
The Cotswold Company

Farmhouse Ivory 9 Drawer Chest

The Cotswold Company

18. If you're in a pinch, use baby oil on a cloth to shine wooden furniture.

19. A couple drops of alcohol before sealing a paint can will help make the paint last much longer.

eclectic Living room by A Rum Fellow
A Rum Fellow

Caterina Ikat Wing Chair

A Rum Fellow

20. For easy access, remove the last draw of your kitchen cabinets to store things like sheet pans and casserole dishes.

21. For emergency purposes, keep a flashlight or candle and matches or lighter in each room.

22. If you don't want to make holes in the wall, lean your artwork up against the wall for a modern and creative look.

23. Dirty windows and glass? Use vinegar and some old newspaper to keep your glass sparkling.

country Living room by Direct Stoves
Direct Stoves

Charnwood Country 4 Multi Fuel / Wood Burning Defra Approved Stove

Direct Stoves

24. Rather than building a large greenhouse, get a small tool shed to keep garden supplies and a few plants on the top to let the warmth and sun shine through.

25. Use felt stickers to place under chairs, couches and tables to prevent any scratches on the floor.

scandinavian Dining room by 99chairs

Scandinavian eating


26. Keep your space looking clean all the time by minimizing the amount of stuff that is out on display.

 Corridor & hallway by LA Hally Architect
LA Hally Architect

House in Chandlers Ford II

LA Hally Architect
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