Affordable homes: 8 small, beautiful and cheap houses

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We don't know who started the rumor that a small house can't be a beautiful home, but we'd like to poke them in the eye! Only one eye though, so that with the other, we could show them these wonderful properties that have straddled the line between bijou and beautiful with a natural elegance and grace that many larger homes simply lack! The architects in charge of creating these fabulous small dwellings were clearly keen to maximize function and style, rather than following a prescribed methodology that usually serves to only highlight one of those facets. If you're keen to see that a small home can be a mighty beautiful one, then come with us now and bask in some tiny home splendor!

Affordable homes: 8 small, beautiful and cheap houses.

1. Portable living.

We know what you're thinking and no, this really isn't a shed and yes it is a fully functioning home. Micro-homes are becoming hugely popular, especially as a method for getting on the property ladder for young professionals and portable versions, such as this one, mean you can travel the world, but always be at home!

With a great kitchen.

It's all mod cons in here! A microwave, boiler and even a dishwasher all form part of a fabulously small but well thought out kitchen that does everything you could possibly need it to!

2. Asian style.

Whenever we need a big dose of practicality with effortless style rolled in, we look to Asia and it never disappoints! This home might be small, but by sticking to a monochrome color scheme and focusing on maximizing the light into the house, it looks every inch a modern masterpiece! 

With a minimalist bathroom.

Just when you thought this house couldn't get any better, you see the bathroom! Crisp, fresh and white, it looks contemporary and cool, but add in the view of a small zen garden and suddenly, you have perfection!

3. A different design.

This annex has a funky design, thanks to the roof being split over two different levels! It really draws the eye and from there, you start to appreciate just how gorgeous natural timber and gray window frames look together! Built at the bottom of another home's garden this annex has a surprise inside!

With a studio interior.

A fully self-contained studio home! Wow! How cool is this home? Yes, it's small, but clever storage designs and a mezzanine level bed all tackle that with ease! We don't think we've ever seen ply look so stylish!

4. Modern and bold.

A bright beacon of style that stands proud, this home really is something else, but it's not even remotely huge! The house actually tapers towards the back and is relatively narrow, in terms of actual building size. What you see inside, however, proves that small and cramped are not the same thing!

Filled with wonderful wood.

Mezzanine levels are the perfect way to glean extra space out of a small home and this one has put an extra floor in place to act as a charming sitting room. With picture perfect framed views from every window, this wooden room feels so enclosed and cozy that we'd probably want to make it our bedroom!

5. Monochrome masterpiece.

With black and white you can't fail to be right! A classic color combination that screams of high-end finishes and chic style, monochrome works so well to make smaller homes feel big in terms of aesthetics. With a symmetrical, perfectly neat and ordered front garden in place here, the impact of the black and white facade is heightened further and looks terrific!

With a modern interior.

We say this is a modern interior, but we think there is something soft and romantic about it too. With luxury textiles, pretty wall art and a neutral color palette all in place, the feel is feminine and gentle. Just imagine how lovely this would be as a home for newlyweds!

6. Bright and blue.

The proportions of this house are a little deceptive, as from here, it looks huge, but it really isn't! What will will say is that the blue exterior is having a massive impact on how lovely the house itself looks! With white accent trim and fresh cladding, this home is so pretty that we are reaching for the blue paint already!

7. A new type of cabin.

Think of cabins in the woods and old fashioned, heavy log houses are probably springing to mind, but there are smaller, more gentle varieties out there too, like this one! Gorgeous to look at and with lots of super touches, such as a balcony, this house feels a little less rustic and a whole lot more polished!

With a classic design scheme.

We were wrong! This house is rustic. You can feel the smaller dimensions in this room now, but with the wood-clad walls and traditional stone fireplace, they just add to the cozy, nostalgic feel, don't you think? We rather like the nod to old fashioned styling in here as it suits the house so well!

8. Narrow and lovely.

Just one room wide, this home certainly won't be winning any large house awards, but what has been done with the space is phenomenal. From outside, you can see that the facade is fresh and clean, with some pretty greenery softening it up, but it's inside where the magic really happens!

Easy living inside!

By working with the length of the room instead of fighting the width, the interior designer here has created an optical illusion of a room that feels far bigger than it is. We love the almost open-plan theme of the house, with no interior doors, and the constant reiteration of length over width really creates a space that feels stretched out and stylish!

If you have a small home and want to find more inspiration for it, take a look at this article: 18 space-saving furniture ideas perfect for your home.

Which of these could you see yourself living comfortably in?

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