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An unbelievable family home renovation

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Have you ever noticed what looks to be an abandoned house on your street that just gives you the creeps? You'll be walking along and all of a sudden, you'll feel the need to run past one particular property and this one would be it! Left to degrade and just wither, this could have been a perfectly wonderful family home at some point, but that has LONG passed! You won't believe the transformation that has taken place, with lead architects working hard to preserve what they could, improve other parts and really bring an original house back to life, instead of destroying it. If you love a good dose of before and after inspiration, grab a chair and get cozy as this is a good one!

Before: tired and spooky!

You can see, we think, that once upon a time this home might have looked lovely, but it's the den of a Scooby Doo villain now! Everything feels dark and depressing, even the once white walls. The garden isn't helping much either but the overall first impression is awful!

After: modern and reinvented.

WOW! We'd say it again but we think you are already probably rubbing your eyes in disbelief! Would you just look at how wonderful this modern transformation is, but also how gentle. You can definitely still pick out the original house, but everything is bigger, better and brighter than before!The new timber front section is a triumph and can we take a minute to appreciate that garden? We need the number of this architect… stat!

Before/After: serious upgrades.

So there was a cheeky little attempt at an extension before, but it didn't work out too well and formed the perfect basis for a much better one here! It's a strange thing when a house is transformed and yet still, somehow, looks like it did. The gentle reinvention of this property must have taken a very steady hand, but as you can see here, small changes and upgrades really do have a huge impact!

After: a happy space.

We knew the interior here would have to be amazing but we weren't quite prepared for this vast open-plan layout that feels easy, breezy and full of good energy! We think that all the really groundbreaking renovation has been carried out in here, as it must have been a state at the start of the project, but it is exemplar now!

After: going hard with a custom kitchen!

Why wouldn't you treat yourself to a fully custom kitchen, while you are renovating a home? We actually think that by having bespoke carpentry, the space has been accounted for far better, with nothing going to waste and the design allows the cook to get a great view out into the garden. Can you imagine how blissful that must be?

After: a bathroom to rule them all.

As master bathrooms go, we can't deny that we've seen worse! Up in the roof space, the height and angle of the ceiling here allows for a great swathe of natural light to pour down and envelop the room, while the neutral colors and soft material finishes make you feel right at home. Gorgeous!

After: the best shower ever!

We couldn't not mention the shower quickly, as… look at it! The latest in cutting edge technology, it is an indulgence that we totally understand and feel more than a little envious of! Just look at all those jets and the inset wall shelving! We want one!

After: gorgeous for guests.

Even guests get to experience a little bathroom luxury, as this lovely space proves! More natural color pairings make this a really soft, warm and unabashed room and shows how important the functionality of the house is to the owners. Anything that didn't need changing was given some breathing room, while perfunctory spaces have been injected with new levels of comfort and style. What an incredible way to prioritize a home renovation!

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