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10 decor mistakes you shouldn't make (but probably do!)

Leigh Leigh
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We can't all be professional interior designers, however this is certainly not an excuse to be living in a dull, drab or messy house!

Whether it's a home improvement project that has gone wrong or an overloaded room full of decor accessories and elements, we all have at least one area of the house that could look a little bit nicer.

But where do we start? Well, first of all, you are at homify, which is the first step done!

Second, we are going to take you through a list of 10 common mistakes that people often make when it comes to decorating the house. You may not even be aware that you are guilty of them, but once you learn how to avoid them, your home will be that much more beautiful and appealing.

Let's take a look!

1. Unsatisfactory bathroom accessories

People spend a lot of time in the bathroom, getting ready for the day. It's a space where we can truly carve out a few precious moments of relaxation, which is why the decor and design of this space is so important. 

Use some carefully selected accessories that add a touch of luxury to this room—it is totally worth it!

2. Disorder

A room in a total state of disorder is never in style! It suggests a sloppy and chaotic atmosphere that plays no role in the charm, personality and character of your living spaces.

Make sure you invest in good storage facilities, including drawers, cupboards and shelves. These will help you to organise your home and create order.

Also have a look at these: Really clever storage solutions for small homes.

3. An old mattress and shoddy linen

Besides being beautiful, a bedroom should also be very comfortable. It should be a space where you rest and recover, ready to take on the next day! But how can you sleep properly and feel rejuvenated if you have a poor quality mattress?

Invest in a decent mattress and some attractive, cosy, warm and inviting linen and your body and mind with thank you!

4. Overwhelming the bedroom

Even if you love bright colours, opt for a colour palette in the bedroom that conveys serenity. This is essential for an undisturbed sleep. 

We suggest going for soft pastels or neutral, earthy tones. Have a look at how colours influence your bedroom.

5. Forgetting the function of the room

Don't lose sight of the purpose of the room. For example, a living room and a study have to very distinct functions. Decorating these rooms according to their functions is important!

Keep the main function of the room in mind and it will be much easier to furnish it accordingly.

6. Overloading spaces

A room with too many elements conveys the same feeling of negativity that an empty space or poorly furnished space does. Avoid furniture that is too big for the space and opt for the less is more approach. Sometimes minimalism is the way to go!

7. Shoddy tableware

Chipped crockery, ugly or unfashionable cutlery and mismatched tableware are lethal for the look and feel of your dining room! Get rid of all of the old items and take some time to choose new cutlery, crockery and utensils that will bring a tasteful touch to your eating area.

8. Ignore natural lighting

Even the best source of artificial lighting does not enhance a space like natural light does. Invest in a large window or a skylight where you can soak your interiors in natural light. It will create a warm and inviting space instantly!

Have a look at these: Tips for bathing your home in natural light.

9. A badly lit kitchen

A single light source in the kitchen is not enough to make this space pleasant. Invest in plenty of layered lighting throughout including ceiling lights and lamps, which will create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere. You also want to be able to see what you are cooking!

10. The messy cupboard

Maintaining order and cleanliness in your home is not just about appearances. Make sure your cupboards and drawers are tidy, organised and neat too! You don't want your home to be in a constant state of confusion and disorder behind the scenes. 

Out of sight, out of mind? Not in this case!

Have a look at these 10 habits to keep your home clean and tidy for inspiration!

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