A charming and cozy home of 452 ft²

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Elena Arsentyeva Scandinavian style bedroom Wood White
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If you thought that a small home can’t be beautiful, then this story will surely change your mind! The interior architects at Elena Arsentyeva have made clever use of an area of 452 ft² to create a stylish and charming apartment with practical storage solutions. The color palette is white and gray, with wooden elements offering warm touches here and there. An open plan layout helps the common areas to merge with each other, without making the home feel cramped. Trendy lights and framed posters add personality to the interiors as well.

Cozy living.

Plush and modern furniture, sleek designs, and some artworks make the living space fresh and inviting. The wooden beams on the ceiling add warmth to the setting, while the wall-mounted TV unit saves on floor area.

Pretty kitchen.

The lavish use of white makes the open kitchen appear bright and big, while floating wooden shelves and a wooden island add coziness here. Stylish stools accompany the counter so that meals can be enjoyed while socializing with the chef. Large glass windows flood the interiors with natural light and small potted greens add freshness.

Smart storage.

The kitchen has been neatly lined with smooth grey cabinets which store essentials and accommodate appliances as well. The island comes with in-built cubbies which hold knickknacks, cookbooks etc. Wall hooks make hanging up ladles easy too.

Charming bedroom.

The pristine white canvas of the bedroom reflects sunlight generously, and makes this space bright and airy. Framed posters and ultramodern lighting add pizzazz to this room, while floor to ceiling in-built closets with Louvre doors offer ample storage space.

Hint of warmth.

The unusual wooden headboard of the bed and a cross-section of a tree trunk hanging on ropes from the ceiling add warm and rustic touches to this bedroom. The suspended tree trunk also acts as a side table without taking up floor area.

Quaint touches.

Potted greens add aesthetic pleasure to the wide windowsill and receive oodles of sunlight to grow. A tall mirror stands near the door to help while dressing up, while the door itself flaunts a pretty design. It has been rendered in frosted glass to protect privacy besides allowing diffused light to enter the bedroom.  

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