12 beautiful garden ideas for the front of your house

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Regardless of the style, area or theme, it’s always nice to have a green space in your house that allows you to stay connected with nature. If you are interested in designing a front garden for your home, but don’t know where to start, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you.

Today, we present 12 ideas to help you to create a lovely garden in front of your home. Use them to enjoy tranquillity and comfort as well as to have a feature that you’ll be proud to show off.

​1. Define the space well

Before you get started, measure and determine the site and the layout of the space available in your front yard for the garden. Unless you know the length and width of the area, you won’t be able to decide on the best design for your garden. For instance, in this home, rather than having tall plants that block the view and light from the window, shorter shrubs and a lawn work well.

2. Choose the perfect number of plants

The second step is to decide on the correct number of plants for the area. You want it to look neither crowded nor bare. Define the layout of the plants based on the dimensions of the space, and don’t forget to take into consideration the height and width of the plants once they are full grown.

3. Earmark a place for each plant

Once you make a list of plants that are suitable for your garden, you’ll notice that each one has different characteristics – some tall and lean, other dense. This will help you to create the ideal layout where each type of plant has an allocated space where it can thrive.

4. Start the composition

Arrange the plants like you planned in the previous step. While doing so, make changes wherever required so that the overall effect is stunning. After all, you are creating a garden to enhance the façade of your house.

5. Play with colour

Adding plants and shrubs of different colours helps to create a beautiful contrast that makes the garden look prettier. Whether you choose flowering plants or different shades of green or variegated foliage, mix up the colours for a better result.

6. Think about how much ground to leave bare

Don’t forget to leave space for accessing the main door or for moving around. You don’t want the greenery to be spoilt by people walking over it. Place paving slabs or defined pathways that are better equipped to handle the footfall.

7. Will there be furniture?

If you are creating the garden for relaxation, you should have seats where you can enjoy the tranquillity and greenery. Decide where you will place them and get furniture that can survive the constant exposure to the natural elements.

8. Account for sunlight and shade

Some plants love the sun, while others do better in the shade. Based on the characteristics of the plant, place them in the ideal spot where they get the right amount of sun or shade.

9. Consider the maintenance

The secret to keeping a garden looking picture-perfect is to have the plants well-maintained at all times. For instance, a flower border is a beautiful feature to have, but it can look messy if it overgrows. Don’t forget to account for the amount of maintenance that each plant needs.

10. Add garden décor

You can elevate the look of your garden by adding décor elements – either big or small. From a pond or fountain to lighting, decorate to make the space look pretty.

11. There’s more to beauty than grass

Doubtless that grass brings lushness to a garden making it relaxing. However, there’s more to a beautiful garden than a lawn. You can even make designs with pebbles and stones to create a stunning space.

12. The whole picture

Evaluate all the small elements to make sure that the overall look of the space matches what you set out to achieve. If everything goes according to plan, you’ll end up with a charming front garden that makes your visitors fall in love with your home at first glance.

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