7 organisation mistakes to avoid

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Unless you have been reborn as a vacuum cleaner, you must be all too familiar with the problem of properly organizing your house. There is so much that one can do to organize a home and keep it neat and clean. Yet, the opposite is also true—there are also many more things that you should not do. Read on to know the seven organization mistakes that many people end up making and how you can avoid them too!

​Do not compare.

At the very onset, let us clear this one teeny tiny point: comparison kills. It can kill your spirit of home making and make you think that you are extremely hopeless. Therefore, do not compare anyone else’s home with yours. They are doing things as per their requirements and realities, while you will need to find ways to do the same in your own home and life, and according to your needs.

​Do not do too much, too soon.

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Do you find yourself trying to tackle everything all at once? This is one major trap that we all need to avoid. When you are cleaning up or organizing your home, you need to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed. Therefore, choose one area or one of the rooms at a time and put in your effort for a meaningful result.

Do not purchase before assessing.

This one is a major mistake that many of us make. First, take stock of your cupboards, shelves and then look at the items that you need to store. Doing this quick exercise is important so that you buy relevant storage pieces to suit your actual needs instead of getting stuck with pieces that you do not use in the long run.

​Do not let the mess accumulate.

The worst thing happens when mess accumulates on your shelves - especially the open ones. So you will need to put things away as you finish using them so that the mess does not become overwhelming for you to handle later!

​Clean is not necessarily organized.

If you think you have cleaned your space and are thus, good to go, you need to think again. If you cannot retrieve and store your pieces without internal mess, then you have a problem in your hands. So make the term clean match organized in your home making efforts.

Getting used to clutter.

This is the absolute worst, style busting mindset that we can end up adopting. Taking it easy is fine, but getting used to the clutter and not being able to see it is not. So take matters into your own hands and get rid of the everyday clutter on a daily basis so that it does not become a regular thing that you end up living with.

Overburdened storage.

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Do not overfill your cupboards and drawers. This will only make your life miserable when you are looking for specific items and lead to general chaos in your home and your mind as well. Take a look at few other interesting organisational ideas - 9 ingenious ways to save money in the kitchen!

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