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This 1920s semi-detached family home is the kind of house many of us aspire to owning. It's modern, stylish and provides liveable and comfortable spaces that strike a balance between open-plan design and a cosy atmosphere.

The talented team at 3S Architects & Designers have transformed this property by undertaking a full refurbishment, adding an extension to the former living area and a new dormer at roof level. Significant changes were made to the layout, which was typical of a property of this era—rooms were closed off and confined, which limited the amount of natural light entering into the house.

The interior décor was naturally an important consideration but the sustainability of the house was of equal importance in the eyes of the owners and architects. Consequently, the design incorporates green solutions and renewable energy systems.

Let's take a tour!

Unassuming front façade

The street facing façade has been painted a fresh, clean white, which looks smart and refined, especially when teamed with a low-maintenance driveway and muted grey accents on the side fence and front door.

The modern exterior gives a good indication of the ordered, sleek interiors that wait for us on the inside. A tidy and well-cared for front exterior and lawn is a great way to make a good impression from the start and this home achieves just that.

Let's explore this outstanding home further…

Rear of the year

To the back of the property, full-height sliding glass doors lead out on to a generous terrace with wooden decking. Complete with modern outdoor dining furniture, the terrace is the ideal spot to while away time with friends on warm summer evenings.

Thanks to the large windows and glass patio doors, the outside area is illuminated by the interior lighting throughout the ground floor. In addition to the energy-efficient windows, a retractable roof light also works to keep the house bright and vivacious. 

Modern living area

The open-plan living and dining room embraces Scandinavian style, with a mixture of laid back, white furniture and unfinished pale timber floorboards. The dining table is made from the same stripped back wood and fits in beautifully to the overall design.

The stark white that pervades outside of the property has found its way into the sitting room and dining area, which is balanced out by the charcoal grey wallpaper that decorates a single feature wall. The main focus in this room is the view we have out over the garden, made possible by the full-length windows and doors, which allow the lower-floor to be bathed in natural light during the day. 

Open-plan living

Here you can see the sunken lounge area from a different perspective. If we're looking in from the outside, we can observe that the living room is cosy and intimate, which means perfect for snuggling up and watching a film in the evenings.

The house extends backwards and our vision stretches to the front windows, highlighting the open and flowing nature of the rooms. The layout, with its interesting corners, angles, and levels (such as the sunken area that designates the living room), divides the spaces without hiding them away or limiting the ease with which the occupants can socialise and interact with one another.

Contemporary kitchen

The futuristic elements in this kitchen (such as the stainless steel fridge) give it an edge and the simple design, which is focused around clean lines and a minimalist palette, is sure to look good for years to come.

The contemporary kitchen island dominates the room, looking pristine and almost untouched. Only a few decorations have been strategically placed to personalise the room. 

Although it might not seem the sort of kitchen where you can get stuck into baking bread with the little ones or eating a relaxed fry up at the weekend, the hardwearing and easy-to-clean surfaces means life can go on as normal, leaving no trace of chaotic cooking sessions.

Contemporary bedroom with en suite

There are two medium sized bedrooms on the first-floor levels and a stunning master bedroom on the top floor. The first thing that strikes us about this bedroom is the transparent glass wall, which divides the en suite from the sleeping area. 

The lack of privacy might be an issue for some but you can't deny that the glass wall, illuminated by spotlights, makes a stunning visual impact!

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