10 classic homes styles to inspire you to build yours

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A classic home design is always a wise choice, as this kind of home has endured the tests of time. It is also a good foundation on which to base your more modern variations, while retaining that all-important touch of solidity and grace. Because, although we may all love the sense of history and nostalgia that often comes with a classic style home, most of us also want a home that reflects the ease and simplicity of modern life. So, let’s check out 10 classic homes for inspiration. We've included homes from a variety of architects across the globe for your delectation!

1. Classic wraparound porch

Single-level homes with wraparound porches are perfect for homes with lovely surrounding gardens. They work best when the porch railing is quite minimal or absent altogether. The deep eaves provide a lot of shade and help keep the home cool during summer.

2. The modern classic cube glass home

This kind of home has become a modern classic. It has large glass walls, a flat roof and a stark geometric design. It's utterly simple and very striking.

3. Cottage with black wooden walls

Modern Japanese homes often hark back to a classic cottage-style design. They have a rustic, quiet ambiance that’s perfect for a low key classic look.

4. House on stilts

Stilt homes, also called pile dwellings, were originally built to prevent flooding. They are good for coastal homes and can allow homebuilders to use rocky or troublesome plots. They are increasingly popular because they leave a very small imprint on the land.

5. Peaked roof with gables

No other style of home quite captures the old world classical style of European architecture like a home with a peaked roof and gables. This style has been adopted across the globe over hundreds of years and is synonymous with family-style homes.

6. L-shaped home

L-shaped homes are a bit of a modern classic because they have become so ubiquitous in suburban areas. The advantage of this kind of home is that it provides the opportunity to neatly integrate a garage into the design.

7. Shingles

A shingled roof is perfectly classic choice that adds a certain type of warmth to the facade of the home. It's also extremely water-tight and easy to maintain.

8. A-frame home

A-frame homes were huge in the 1960s and 70s. They have become a bit of a modern classic in recent years and we've seen the basic shape being adopted in more and more modern homes. 

9. Classic Zen-style home

Here we have a modern version of a classic Zen-style Japanese home. This kind of home has a minimalist look and lots of natural materials on show.

10. Old world wooden cabin

This classic little wooden cabin looks like it belongs on the set of an old country and western film. It has the perfect wraparound verandah and a chimney to boot!

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