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A dilapidated barn shines again

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Country style house by Briand Renault Architectes Country
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The French countryside is replete with stylish rustic quarters and homes that have continued to enthrall design enthusiasts the world over. The architects at Briand Renault Architectes took on the challenge of giving this old barn a meaningful design direction. Under their expert vision, we now have the privilege of walking through a space that truly reflects the rustic beauty of French design even as it sticks to its simple roots.

​Before: a shack in ruins.

The old barn looked more like a shack that was about to crumble. The designers found that they had quite a task on their hands when they came to regard this pretty plot of greenery. The old structure and its aging beauty as well as the overgrown vegetation around it needed some desperate taming on an immediate basis.

​Before: restoration challenge.

When regarded from the other end, the rest of the structures on the property made for a sorry sight indeed. The large structure looked like it had been a vibrant home at one point, but only had yellowing and dilapidated walls. Yet, there was much scope in the structure owing to the way the two wings sat connected by a hall in the middle.

​After: picture postcard ready.

After renovation, the grounds and the home have a rather picturesque look, thanks to the new shingles that have replaced the roof, which was about to cave in. Further, the grounds have also been well-manicured and modern elements have been used to do up the walls again. The grey and beige combination sits well with the rustic theme surrounding the property, even as a modern outlook has been sought in the linear rendition.

​After: rustic elements.

The designers have ensured that they have kept the rustic beauty of the space alive with the help of the old quarters. The walls have been left untouched on this side of the back yard so that one still feels like they are in the old times of whimsical fun. The stone planters and the pops of color, thanks to the outdoor furniture, have also been matched to create an eclectic look. Near the entrance, there are many floral delights that line the side. The old walls have been merged with the new wing to create a more artistic meeting of the two elements.

​After: skylights in the attic.

The attic has been designed to sit under the modern skylights of the rustic rooftop. This space has waist length exposed concrete walls and wooden railings, while a wooden triangle of wall sits at the far end. Thanks to the profusion of sunlight, the home owners have the luxury of basking in the sun with these cheery pieces of rustic looking chairs.

​After: modern history.

A historical looking wall with old signs still sits on one side of the glass walls that enclose the living room. Old leather couches add to the ambiance while the rest of the setting is a modern one.

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