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If asked, many people would say that a 1200 square foot home wouldn't be enough for their family and want something bigger. Well this Polish house defies all misconceptions and proves that a family can live in a small home with plenty of room to spare. This gorgeous house may seem simple on the outside, but once we step inside we are greeted with sophisticated style and modern amenities. Everything from the natural materials to the creative use of plants really brings this home to life and makes people want to move straight in! Let's take a closer look at this beautiful home.

A traditional facade.

From the outside this home seems pretty traditional with it's stone elements and small shrubs that line the driveway. The roof features black shingles and the exterior of the home is white, nothing out of the ordinary here. All simple to achieve and very beautiful to look at. The curb appeal is very effortless with a stone driveway and a few plants and patches of grass, but really stands out against the white and black of the home. We can see a small one car garage, alluding to the idea that this home must be very small but it isn't once we step inside!

An open floor plan.

You would think that a home with just under 1200 square feet wouldn't have enough space for a big kitchen, separate dining area and a breakfast bar, but this Polish home just continues to prove us wrong! This incredible open floor plan gives the illusion that this home is very large and also creates a nice flow to the living spaces here. The dining table comfortably seats eight people and is quite simple in design with a glass table top which is great in a small area otherwise it could seem very bulky in the space. The wooden breakfast bar is a nice break from the white surroundings and adds warmth to the space as well as a natural element.

A strong wooden presence.

When we step into the kitchen we are very pleased to find ourselves in the presence of yet another seating area big enough for four! This kitchen is incredibly large for the size of the home but it fits everything you need, including a very large L-shaped countertop rather than trying to fit in an island and making the space feel very small. The wood paneled wall is definitely a wow factor for the space and matches the wood of the breakfast bar, again adding a very warm touch in the sea of pristine white walls and cabinets. 

The warm and cozy living room.

Just at the end of this open floor plan we find ourselves in the super cozy living room with space to spare! This super sleek and modern living room features a rather large L-shaped dark beige leather sofa, with enough space to seat a small family comfortably. It is situated in from of a white oval coffee table that anchors the space and is very unique. There is both a flat screen TV as well as a beautiful and modern fireplace to be able and sit and relax for hours at a time. The key to this openness is that there isn't a lot of small stuff hanging around to make the space feel cluttered and cramped, so the sleek look is working in favor the small living spaces.

The long and gorgeous bathroom.

This stunning bathroom follows a similar style to the other interior rooms with its long and open plan, but rather than white this bathroom is all black! The bold black walls contrast very nicely with the white vanity and tile floor and the floral photo in the shower adds a nice pop of color to the space. The same wood we saw in the kitchen can be seen here in the sink vanity, once again adding a warm and natural element as well as being a unique piece for a bathroom. The shower is divided from the space with a transparent glass wall rather than opaque so it gives the illusion of a longer space instead of closing it off and making the bathroom seem smaller.

Do you struggle designing a small home? Check out this Polish home for some big inspiration!

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