16 best ways to decorate your walls (so they're unique)

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Nobody wants their home to look like everyone else's, so today, we're telling you exactly how to dress your walls to make them stand out. If you love making a real splash with your interior décor, you need to go all out with your walls and we're not lying when we say we've found some spectacular ways to up your design game! 

Each of these methods are tried and tested by fantastic interior designers, so you can rest easy that you'll be stylish, fashionable and still unique. 

Ready to feel overwhelmed by inspiration?

1. Statement wallpaper

You might be thinking that if you buy wallpaper for your home, other people will have the same design, but this is 2016 people and you can have totally unique designs turned into paper for your walls.

We love the idea of a really impactful, bold design and this monochrome variety is setting the tone perfectly!

2. Amazing paint schemes

Chest of drawers IMARI e15 Modern Bedroom

Chest of drawers IMARI


Masking tape will be your new best friend if you decide to go all out with your paint schemes. Even a vertical stripe design, such as this one, will be easy to recreate with a spirit level and some tape! 

The best part of all is that you can totally customise the width of your designs and the colours you use.

3. With themes from nature

Pass Through Room homify Walls

Pass Through Room


Whether you opt for wallpaper or a hand-painted design, taking inspiration from nature will always produce beautiful results. 

We can see something like this example looking absolutely incredible in a bedroom and you could carry the colour scheme through to an en suite bathroom. 

5. Warm wood

Wood panelling isn't a new innovation but the style has evolved to become something really beautiful and exciting. 

We think these large, uneven panels make a really big statement and add a rich, natural warmth to the wider room. It's just so chic and unusual!

6. Cool slate

Dark natural stone is a fabulous material that naturally brings glamour and opulence to any space, but we think that in a bathroom it looks extra luxurious.

You can even match your floor so you get a really enclosed, cosy feel that still looks contemporary and devilishly good.

7. Natural stone cladding

If natural stone really tempts you, how about undulating slate tiles for your kitchen? Talk about adding some drama to an otherwise functional space! 

We love what has been done here, with under-cabinet kitchen lighting highlighting the texture of the stone itself.

8. Bring exterior walls inside

For an eye-catching but cohesive home décor idea, you should think about extending your exterior walls into you actual house. 

You can break up the chunkiness by having an inset fireplace or mounting your TV on it, but the overall impressiveness won't diminish at all.

9. With coarse stonework

AR Design Studio- Abbots Way AR Design Studio Modern Dining Room
AR Design Studio

AR Design Studio- Abbots Way

AR Design Studio

The glorious thing about natural stone is that it comes in such a huge variety of styles and hues. 

This pale stone is wonderful for adding texture and diversity to your walls, without totally overshadowing a more pared back or minimal design aesthetic. The subtle colour pops that natural stone adds are so stunning!

10. Exposed red bricks

Berkeley Limestone in a seasoned finish from Artisans of Devizes. Artisans of Devizes Walls Limestone Black
Artisans of Devizes

Berkeley Limestone in a seasoned finish from Artisans of Devizes.

Artisans of Devizes

For some rustic charm, exposed red bricks are hard to beat. Even if you have plaster on your walls already, you can strip it off and reveal the lovely rich tones underneath and we think this would work in any room. 

Great for a conservatory, but imagine how good this would look in a bedroom!

11. Painted bricks

If exposed bricks have the look you like but you aren't keen on the colour, how about simply painting them? 

Frequently seen in houses with a shabby chic feel, white bricks look absolutely amazing and have a gentler feel than red varieties, but why not be a little bolder with your colour choice?

12. Plasterboard with a difference

Richmond Full House Refurbishment A1 Lofts and Extensions Living room
A1 Lofts and Extensions

Richmond Full House Refurbishment

A1 Lofts and Extensions

Don't be fooled into thinking plasterboard is a boring option for your walls, as you can make them totally unique and geared towards your tastes and needs. 

Inset shelving is a fantastic way to get more from a plasterboard wall and you could even go the extra mile and add lighting!

13. Bespoke tiles

Who said that when it comes to tiles you have to have all the same colour or finish? We certainly didn't, as we're huge fans of the mosaic look. 

Next time you're on holiday, take a look at some of the locally-made ceramics as you might be able to commission some special tiles for your home's walls!

14. Shaped wall panels

Modern technology is a wonderful things as it's made 3D printed wall panels a tangible thing. 

Perfect for a home that looks to embrace a little bit of a retro feel, we love these plastic wall additions that are a doddle to install but instantly transform a room from ordinary to 'oh my god!'

15. Mosaic tiles

Luxury Bathroom Studio Hooton Modern Bathroom
Studio Hooton

Luxury Bathroom

Studio Hooton

We love us some mosaic tiles but we have to admit that we're drawn to the darker end of the spectrum. 

To create a bathroom like no other, you could even mix and match tile styles so you have a combination of black and metallic mosaic sheets.

16. Geometric ceramics

How about tapping into two trends at once with your walls? 

Geometric shapes are big news in the interior design world right now and with the advent of geometric wall tiles, you can create something truly spectacular. Mix and match hexagon tiles for a really eye-catching and impossible to recreate wall!

For some extra wall inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Let's make boring kitchen walls history.

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