9 ingenious ways to save money in the kitchen

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Keeping a tab on day to day finances is often mind-boggling. There are numerous bills to be paid, groceries to be bought, salaries to be handed over and taxes to be paid. So how can your kitchen help you to become thriftier without skimping on style or convenience? Take a look at our genius list of nine different ways in which your kitchen can help you save more than you usually do.

1. Expired food.

Say you have a pantry full of food items. Eventually, you will end up losing track of all the perishables and some food will become unusable because of its expiry date. The solution to this is to have a well-organised kitchen with groceries placed according to its expiry date. For the food that you freeze, just use a marker to write down the date you froze it.

2. The cleaning cost.

Cleaning the kitchen is also quite expensive. Your kitchen probably uses a lot of different materials. Each of these materials needs to be cleaned with a specialized detergent. You can either pick up a detergent that works on all surfaces or go old school. Old school means using homemade remedies, which actually clean the kitchen much better than store-bought chemicals.

3. Eating out.

Who doesn’t enjoy a day off from cooking and cleaning the kitchen? And who doesn’t love being served hot food on a plate in a restaurant with soft music? However, these regular plans of eating out cost you more than you realize. So don’t be lazy, and cook your favorite food at home to save on the expenses.

4. Go local.

This applies especially to fruits and vegetables. Shop locally grown fruits and vegetables and especially those that are in season. If you try to buy fruits and vegetables that are not in seasons but still available in the store, it will be expensive. This is because such groceries are imported from other regions, driving up the cost. It might interest you to know that this elegant kitchen was designed by the interior architects at Arctitudesign.

5. Furnishing your kitchen.

Instead of buying expensive kitchen accessories, go for a DIY project. You can involve the entire family and it will make your weekends more fun. Look up tutorials to build your own chopping board or set of storage shelves. You can even buy plain plates and decorate them to make them look fancy!

6. Ditch the expensive coffee.

Stop buying your coffee from the store every day. Get a coffee machine and start brewing your own coffee. Buying a bag of ground coffee or coffee beans will be much cheaper in the long run than buying expensive coffees and lattes every day.

7. Invest where necessary.

We are not saying that you shouldn’t buy anything expensive for your kitchen. When your kitchen equipment, such as oven or refrigerator, grows old, be sure to replace them. Using old equipment is not cost-efficient, as it will use more energy and not function properly.

8. Make a herb garden.

Do you cook with herbs frequently? Then you should definitely have little pots with your favorite herbs growing in your kitchen. This way, you are assured of an endless supply of fragrant herbs and you don’t even have to make a trip to the store!

9. Learn how to pickle.

Pickling and canning are fun activities if you care to try. You can make beautiful jams or create the pickle of your choice according to your taste. Save even more on jams and pickles by growing this produce in your own backyard. There is nothing sweeter than home grown strawberries or cucumbers.

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