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We have featured a few different dreamy cottages and houses on here in the past. There was the cute summer cottage in Austria that looked like it came straight from the pages of a fairytale, or the many incredible wooden cabins that anyone would want to live in, and now today, there's this wonderfully sweet home that is guaranteed to make you swoon. 

Built by the German home building company FINGERHAUS GMBH, this is a large country-style house that still manages to feel cozy and intimate, and even a bit doll-like. That's thanks to it's creamy colors, delicate detailing, old fashioned windows and wild garden. We think this property has it's own little bit of magic, and are thrilled to show you some of it… so let's get going!  

Symmetry is sweetest.

The exterior of this home has got us head over heels. It has a no-fuss, traditional structure, with straight sides and no alcoves jutting out or awkward bits added on. The symmetrical design on the front wall is simple and sweet, with matching old fashioned windows and a wooden frame marking the entrance way. 

Large scale dollhouse.

Looking like the little house on the prairie, the exterior of this home couldn't get any cuter. With the bottom level painted in beige, and the top, in white, it's not too bright, not too bold—but in fact just right. Together with the dark roofing, the colors complement, not compete with, the lush greens and browns of the garden. 

Old fashioned styling.

The beige from the exterior is bought inside and added to the striped feature in this lovely, old-fashioned entrance way. White walls and pale flooring add the modern touch, but the country style is kept alive in the details: the hanging wooden wreath, the delicate corner lamp, painted wooden bench and the service bell that guests can announce themselves with. 

A cosy corner.

Wicker furniture always belong to another era, and this wicker chair belongs perfectly in this living room. Complemented by caramel colored net curtains, sheepskin rugs, cream colored cushions, candles and a luscious house plant, this corner is a cozy one.  

Time for tea.

Anyone who has visited a rural retreat, or a country manor knows that tea time is one of the things to look forward to during the day. Not only is it a time for a hot drink and (usually) sweet treats, but it's actually a relaxation ritual. This adorable wooden shelf symbolizes all of that, and adds that little bit of magic to this home that most others are missing. 

Dining in elegance.

How spectacular is the kitchen and dining room? Featuring grand white cupboards and caramel wooden bench tops, the kitchen feels opulent, warm and inviting. And in the dining room, those covered chairs make it elegant and dignified. The low hanging chandelier above the table adds that old fashioned charm once again. 

And bathing in decadence.

The bathroom upstairs is pure luxury and decadence. A round bathtub fits snugly into the corner with a cream stone feature on the walls behind, and quaint metal stands sit in different corners of the room. Light curtains cover the window, we doubt for privacy, but instead for glamour, and an old lamp is installed on the wall for a special touch of otherworldly magic. 

This house truly is wondrous

We love the old fashioned lamps and lights. What's your favorite feature of this home?

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