5 brilliant before and after facades

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The facade of the home is the face of the home. It is that first element that creates an impression and sets the tone of your expectations. As such, a home’s facade should be a well-designed space that speaks of the personality for the home that it conceals within, as well as the personality of the homeowners who proudly call it their nest. Let us take a look at these amazing before and after pictures of five facades that underwent a dramatic makeover to emerge as utterly stylish creations!

Before: untidy!

The untidy looking facade was stuck in a time warp where the yellowing paint may have seemed stylish at first. The bricks and stones have been added as an afterthought and they do nothing to lift the structure out of misery.

After: modern.

The new modern facade almost makes the street and its stifling ways disappear, thanks to the open look and the new angle. The entryway now has a unique wooden double door that opens to accommodate a garage, while the rest of the space is done up in white boxes and angles. The credit for the makeover goes to the architects at Flores Rojas Arquitectura.

Before: overgrown and old.

The outdated home here was just a box with two tones for the walls and the rooftop. There was no style in place as the overgrown and unkempt garden grew around it. The patio and the rest of the home seemed completely neglected as well.

After: vibrant and warm.

Warm wooden planks and a stylish pergola on top have come to dominate the new and improved structure as it makes a new style statement. But what really caught our eye was the red wing added upfront, which makes for an absolutely delightful and vibrant statement when set on the well-manicured green grass. The home also wears layers and tiers for a wholesome look.

Before: sorry state of affairs.

This home looked completely unplanned and started right where the street finished. It rose upwards in an old red structure and the old grill gate also ruined the overall look of the home.

After: better planning in the picture.

Now, with better planning in the picture, the home wears a more symmetrical look and follows a rustic yet modern setting. The perfect chemistry between concrete and wood makes a statement here.

Before: nothing unique.

The home looked like any other house on the street and offered nothing new or unique in its aging Mediterranean structure.

After: radiant modern good looks.

With a new linear outlook and lighting in all the key tiers of the home, this structure is now a radiant play of the modern. The terraces bring on a more interesting character while the classic black grill gate makes for a solid look.

Before: set in a corner.

This home was set in an old corner from where it could not recover any stylish bearings.

After: new modern innings.

Now, it has a stylish angle and lots of glass with one side bereft of walls so that a green view steps in to rescue it from the past!

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