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The home is where the heart is. This age old adage is one that will never go out of style. Whether we play with the classic or fall for the contemporary good looks, one thing that will always remain a constant in our lives is the penchant for all things comfortable, especially when it comes to our space. Designers usually try and imbibe good looks with comfort. For this home too, the home builders at DG Construction have brought in that very comfort factor on the canvas of simplicity. Come and have a look at this beautiful home to know more.

Simple and linear facade.

The facade of this home is done up in neutral brown hues that ensures we have a simple structure to regard when we first step on to the property. A touch of the Mediterranean can be seen in the rise of the walls on the sides as well as the inverted tiers that form the simple eaves. The terracotta tiles and the large glass sliding doors add to the simplicity of the facade.

Expansive yet cozy dining room.

If you thought a stately dining room would look larger than life, then you are in for a style surprise of sorts! This large dining table has been set in the white hued narrow hall to become a cozy space where people can dine, amidst the gaze of the red artwork that provides simple pops of color. The upholstered chairs share an old school vibe.

Fluid space demarcation.

The kitchen and the dining room have been separated by a mere square arch which is bereft of over the top doors, separators or even heavy curtains. This makes for a fluid design between the light hued spaces, while the windows bring in plenty of natural light.

Well-lit yet a private area.

This homely seating area is made of frosted glass tiles for a well-lit look. This not only promotes privacy for the people seated inside, but also the chrome and glass fittings with the dark hued couch makes for a stylish contrast in this compact space. The mirror adds to a luxurious look and makes the space look larger.

Light-colored kitchen.

The kitchen has a play of glossy white finishes and light wooden textures. This keeps the look light weight and simple even as the gallery style space enjoys plenty of storage, courtesy the storage cabinets on the walls. The open end kitchen shows us a glimpse of the living room beyond.

Luxurious bedroom.

Luxury is in simplicity—that seems to be the philosophy of this wonderfully designed bedroom and its brown hues. The brown solid looks are tempered by a soft white bedding.

Neutrals for the bathroom.

The pops of red are a surprise element in this bathroom which has been done up with natural elements such as stone and glass. The white fittings also add to the style of the space.

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