A home in ruins gets a new lease of life

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A dilapidated home that gets restored to a whole new glorious present is the stuff of decor and design dreams. This dream come true project was nurtured and brought into reality by an expert team of architects at Elvarquitectos. With a Midas touch from them, this ruined home turned into a beacon of flawless design. We invite you to take this before and after tour with us so that you can witness the extent of transformation that this compact home went through.

Before: ruined home.

This home desperately needed a complete overhaul. All its former glory was now a part of history as it stood in ruins, without any coherent style statement in place. The walls seemed to be giving way as the roof looked ready to cave in. Overgrowth had settled in and around the structure. The paint seemed to have become a thing of the past as it peeled and rotted away. Would the designers be able to rescue this sinking structure?

After: country, meet the urban.

This new facade looks like it belongs to a completely different property. Naked bricks defining the rustic and the countryside have come out to play on the linear lines of the new and improved structure. It now stands on an urban design, which makes for an irregular box that fits in with a white patio and slim grills for effect. Green and well-manicured patches stand in front to break the monotony of brown and white here.

After: balanced style at the entrance.

The entryway of the home seems to have it all now. An edgy look has been achieved with the help of the chrome windows and grills. The bricks offer a warm and welcoming appeal. A small garden and stone slabs make for a wholesome feel, while the gray and white walls balance out the entire design with a chic wooden door in the center.

After: luxury of skylights.

The driveway and open garage has been done up with skylights, which bring in natural light by day and let you stare at the stars by night. The wide space is done up with a modern structure on one side and greenery at the far end.

After: play of linear angles.

The stylish pillar made of bricks stands in the center to remind you of the rustic bearings of the home and its design, while concrete linear angles sweep by the sides and create a layered look. A window pops up on one side and gives you a glimpse of the whimsical.

After: classic patterns in a modern layout.

The modern open layout now creates a spiffy look indoors. The patterned floor is an ode to the past and it fits in brilliantly with the present. The well-lit kitchen counters are visible from afar while the windows on one side help maintain your privacy.

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