Decor ideas: 25 tricks to make your home shine!

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Making your home stylish and comfortable is not an easy matter unless you have an eye for detail and a bit of creativity. But fret not, because we have compiled a must-have list that shows you 25 ways in which can add zing to your home! Here you go!

1. Homework is important.

Research well to find the latest trends and classic pieces. Take a cue from this gorgeous bathroom rendered by the stone, paving and concrete experts at Ceramiche Grazia.

2.. Pretty things from holidays.

Chic finds from around the world for a wholesome feel. How about a glass of sand from your last holidays on the beach or a collection of beautiful postcards? 

3. Make the most of technology.

Mix technology with beauty—think of aesthetic looking speakers and similar elements!

4. Two great pieces every year.

Buy two well-researched and expensive looking pieces a year for your home.

5. Invest sensibly.

Invest in comfortable furniture and timeless pieces.

6. Live and socialze separately.

Demarcate your socializing and living areas with partitions and furniture.

7. Shop from different places.

Shop at various outlets for a well rounded look.

8. Focus on your living room sofa.

Scale your living room as per the sofa’s size and style.

9. Bring outdoor fabrics in.

Create stain-resistance by using easy to clean outdoor fabrics.

10. Before painting your wall.

Test a small patch before you paint the entire wall.

11. Avoid too much light.

Use dark colors for a cozy feel.

12. Choose colors in natural light.

Choose your colors as per the natural light available, and see how they look.

13. Fruity decor.

Add fruits for natural color and texture. This will also make your surroundings look warm and homely.

14. Ladders for storage.

Use ladders to make shelves. This is a great example of combining creativity with a small budget!

15. Unusual is in!

Unusual features like a fireplace in the bathroom can go a long way in creating a look that is unique and makes for great conversations as well!

16. Magic of subway tiles.

Timeless tiles like retro or subway look great with stunning floors! Use glossy and larger than life dimensions to make the space look stylish.

17. Fresh and simple bedroom textiles.

Simple bedding looks luxurious. This is the key for designing your bedroom well so that you have a soothing time there.

18. Timeless white and wood scheme.

Combine wood and white for a classic yet contemporary look. This is a look that never goes out of style.

19. Make the rug your focal point.

Make the rug the focal point and place your furniture around it. Keep the furniture in spots that will accentuate the various corners of the rug and watch how the room wears a well-designed look.

20. Mismatched chairs look chic.

Mismatched chairs for a kitschy look! This is a memorable look that goes a long way when it comes to whimsical styling of an area.

21. Bright and inviting hallway

Create a light and welcoming foyer with a soothing color scheme. Create a grand sweeping statement with artworks and rugs as well as a defining piece of furniture.

22. Aesthetic lighting is the key.

Proper lighting is essential for gardens, indoors, and everywhere else! This is the basis of all good design, and one that should not be missed. Contact a lighting expert or lighting designer to do a good job for each of your areas.

23. Dressing rooms and closets need paint.

Painted closets make for a look that really pops out stylishly. This is especially helpful in a neutral-hued room.

24. Non-working fireplace? Don't worry!

Let your mantelpiece do all the talking by adding some pretty curios and vases to it. This will make your fireplace the focal point even if it’s not working.

25. White furniture for a spacious feel.

Using white furniture makes a room look much larger than it actually is, which also gives scale to the space and defines it in a lightweight manner.

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Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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