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9 bathroom tricks you have to try

Leigh Leigh
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Small rooms can sometimes pose a big design challenge, but you shouldn't be put off. This is a chance to work with an expert design professional and have some fun coming up with innovative and strategic designs to help you to make the most of your space.

The bathroom is one space where this really applies. Bathrooms are often smaller rooms in the house, but we need them to be multi-functional and feel spacious. They also need to have plenty of storage facilities for all of our personal products. 

This is why today at homify, we've put together some important tips and solutions together when it comes to making your bathroom feel that much bigger as well as serve you better.

You'll also be so impressed with how elegant the designs are!

1. Mirrors

Of course an elegant mirror will add beauty to the bathroom, but more importantly, they make the room seem that much bigger. In this design, do you see how the big mirror works in harmony with the glossy surface to create a very trendy and spacious looking room?

You can also have so much fun with a mirror, choosing one with a frame or without. 

If you really want to create a home that feels large and spacious, you can also include more than one mirror in the kitchen. Some LED back lit mirrors are also very popular and increase the feeling of glamour and elegance in this space.

2. A shower instead of a bathtub

While the presence of a bathtub in bathroom is great, sometimes it is not always a practical element to include if you have a smaller space to work with.

Instead opt for a savvy, trendy and spacious shower with transparent glass. This is much more practical in terms of space and can still be very relaxing and soothing. The transparent glass will also allow the shower design to flow into the rest of the bathroom design, creating a much more spacious looking area. 

Have a look at these 9 sensational showers for your bathroom and you won't miss a bathtub for a second!

3. Colours of the walls and floors

There are so many colours that we think are going to look great in a bathroom, but simply won't work—especially if the space is small! Stay away for dark or vivid colours such as black or dark brown, as these can shrink the space. Also stay away from very busy patterned floor designs or wall tiles, which can overwhelm the area.

Instead opt for neutral colours, like we see in this bathroom design. This is an ideal colour palette, which makes the bathroom seem light and bright as well as spacious.

4. Make the most of every corner

In a small bathroom, you don't want even a square centimetre to go under-utilised. Exploit every nook and cranny.

For example, you can use the space underneath the basin to store towels and cosmetics. The area above the toilet can be used to install shelves for toiletries and other items too.

Have a look at these 8 storage ideas you need in your bathroom.

5. Bright colours

As we mentioned in the previous point, installing shelves above the toilet can be a very savvy way to add storage space to your small bathroom. In this design, we can see that it works perfectly.

Another great tip that we can take from this bathroom is to spruce up the space with a vibrant or bright colour here or there. While we don't want to overwhelm the space, a bright shower curtain or a vibrant piece of furniture can draw attention away from the fact that the bathroom is so small.

Don't you love this modern and trendy bathroom?

6. Stylish accessories

A small bathroom doesn't mean you should neglect some small, aesthetic touches. Choose some accessories that will enhance the beauty of the bathroom without allowing it to become too cluttered or crowded.

7. Storage space

As we've mentioned before, storage is king in a small bathroom!

If you're finding it hard to come up with enough storage space, install a little storage unit like this one. Embed it in a place so that it is out of the way. You don't want to be tripping over it!

Sliding doors are also great for this type of unit, so they don't open up and take up valuable space.

8. Shelves embedded in the wall

Niches in the wall are a great space to install shelves, providing adequate storage space without taking up an inch of floor space. 

Tip: Install some LED lighting above the shelves for a very elegant and sophisticated looking bathroom.

9. Put up metal baskets in your shower

This keeps all of your personal products neatly stored but easily accessible.

If you're looking to improve your bathroom further, have a look at these brilliant, beautiful bathroom trends for inspiration.

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