10 Best TV room designs from 2016

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TV has become a significant part of life for almost everyone. TV room is the place where the entire family comes together to catch up on news, shows and latest releases. It is also the place where many family movie nights are spent.

Usually, TVs are placed in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bedroom. But, if you are lucky to have that extra room to create an indoor recreational area, then you can put your TV there and transform it into the ultimate media room.

1. Hollywood cinema screen

This elegant multimedia room is nothing less than a Hollywood cinema screen. The TV panel consists of a wall covered in tiles with lots of colors and brightness all around.

Embedded in a slightly elevated position, the wall is framed in warm hues. Both the sides of the panel have a silver vase with well-trimmed plants in it. Spending even a s mall part of your day in this room will bring a feel of luxury.

2. On a fireplace

This winter make your TV room cozier by incorporating the television into a right environment. The TV panel here is mimicking the fireplace and if you watch by far, then there is hardly any difference to notice. The entire place has been kept bright and cozy with enough of natural lights soaking the place.

3. Home theater

A living room made for enjoying the private screening of your favorite shows and movies. The giant screen and inviting furniture rules the place with ultimate charm. Even darker shades have been used in the interior to resemble the ambiance of a theater.

4. Projector

Incredible Loft Cinema Conversion New Wave AV Modern Media Room
New Wave AV

Incredible Loft Cinema Conversion

New Wave AV

The designers of this house have concentrated well on the media room of the house. Unique wallpaper, bold color palette makes it a wonderful screening room. The image of paparazzi taking a shot enhances the dramatic look of the house. You can call it a room of excellence!

5. Extra large screen

This big media room can be the reason of envy for all your friends. Because of the enormous size of the screen, the designers have installed the TV from the ceiling and this reduces the need of any additional furniture. To set the mood, all you need is a classic movie and some popcorn.

6. Glass and wood

For those who want to turn their room into a multimedia room, mount the TV on an incredibly designed TV panel. With a structure like wood and glass, this media room gives a view of the outdoors. Both the sides of the panel has shelves to store show pieces and the glass panel lets the green enter the house.

7. Shuttered

A nice way to keep the TV separate from other living spaces in the house is to have sliding shutters. It blocks the coziness in and doubles the luxury with its white shades all over the room. To maintain the ambiance, wooden elements have been used here and there, making the view ultimate.

8. Parallel furniture

For a small area like this TV room, instead of a wraparound seating, place the sofas in parallel. This way you can make the area look less cramped. To maintain the showtime fun, the room has been kept dark and warmth has been maintained.

9. Textures and images

Using wallpaper with 3D panels is likely to bring textures to the walls and it surely is an interesting choice here. The light here is more vibrant and to add interest to the place, there are golden and brown textures on the wall.

10. Transparent accessories

Glass stools and shelves are great ways to trick the eyes into believing that the TV space is larger. This place incorporates this idea quite well over here.

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