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So we have reached that time of the week once again! You asked for it, you got it! Here are the best articles of the week, chosen by you. If you missed them, here is your chance to take a peek, if you have read them, it is a great time to re-read them. We take you through home makeovers, a prefabricated dream home, bedrooms designed based on your zodiac sign, we take a tour through 10 modern apartments and we finish our journey with home improvement tips that are easy on the pocket. Shall we? 

1.) 3 before and after: horrible facades transformed

The English have a saying: There's never a second chance for a first impression. Indeed, there is a common and shared belief among people that the first impression is what really counts. When it comes to a home, the focus is usually on the first sight of it, which is essential when trying to present your living quarters and yourself in the best possible light. The aim of this article is to study and evaluate different variants of improvements or parts of improvement we can make to beautify the outside of a building and achieve an excellent first impression. 

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2.) A modern prefab house… to move into today!

Prefabricated homes have had in the past a bad reputation. Mostly due to its poor quality construction, and they were never really cheap. But today, technology has advanced in such a way that we here at homify are fans of the prefabricated homes, or prefab homes. They are cheaper, quick to build and extremely well made. And not only this, they now come in all shapes and sizes and can be eco-friendly. We can't sell this idea enough. 

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3.) The perfect bedroom style for each zodiac sign!

How accurate is astrology? That's a big question to ask, but we think we've found a fun way to test some of the theories that star signs discuss; by testing whether you love the style of bedroom that your zodiac sign says you will! Taking into account the ruling planets and assumed characteristics of each star sign, we've found a bedroom that should be perfect for every one and while we don't know if interior designers place much faith in the stars when they come up with beautiful bedroom themes, we do know that each of these spaces is gorgeous!  (P.S. the bedroom pictured here is the Aries bedroom) 

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4.) The best modern apartments in 10 projects

Modern design has taken the world by storm and everyday at homify we see more and more beautiful homes using modernism. There are many ways to incorporate modern design into your home and it can be done from simple updates to a full blown renovation, it all depends on your budget!
In this article there are ten design ideas that will inspire you to bring gorgeous 21st century design into your home. From adding a few accessories to your living areas to designing an entire home with modern features, there is something on this list for everyone! Learn how to transform your home into the modern vision that you're dreaming of!

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5.) 20 cheap and easy home improvement ideas

Your home is absolutely perfect. You have renovated, decorated, and celebrated. But now there are a few things that need tweaking. Don't fret, this is normal! As you live in your home things start to fall out of place or start to look lackluster but that doesn't mean you need to remodel your entire space to get it looking and feeling fresh again.

The article gives you twenty simple and cheap ideas to improve your home with very little effort. From changing the door knobs on the kitchen cabinets to keeping your leather furniture clean, you will find a number of handy tips and tricks to keep your home looking fresh and beautiful.

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