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Come and find yourself some patio renovation inspiration, thanks to these budget ideas. The patio is a space that you should do up with a welcoming vibe and plenty of panache. Check out how you can go about this task without breaking the bank!

​Mark with material.

Create specific demarcated areas with different kinds of material like rattan furniture, wooden decks and stone tiles with green grass. This will promote ease of movement and a less chaotic design too

​Install timeless pieces.

Often, the tried and tested pieces are the best when it comes to style and function together. So pick these for easy maintenance and looks as they never go out of style.

​A wooden trellis.

A wooden trellis is a no-fuss addition that guarantees privacy and plenty of greenery even in the vertical quarters, which is especially helpful if you have a small and narrow space.

​Rework the old.

Use recycled and re-purposed material to fashion walls, trellis, pergolas and pieces like this dining set for your patio.

​Pretty pergola.

That point brings us straight to the pergola, which is a must have in any patio, worth its designer salt. Give this pergola the right position and have plenty of seating underneath for a modern, warm and cozy look.

​Flaunt the pergola.

Make sure that you do up your pergola with elements like drapes and fairy lights to make it shine and give a welcoming look.

​Say it with flowers.

You can never have too many of these. So ensure that you place lots of flower pots and create beds where you can, so that you are always surrounded with a colorful floral beauty.

​Use color!

Give your existing outdoor furniture a colorful nudge by painting it in vibrant shades to bring out the beauty of the natural elements around it and also to create a talking point of sorts.

​Chart a course.

Use material like wood and stones to create a definite path with a meandering quality, which highlights the corners of your patio as well.

​A vertical garden.

Create a vertical garden like this one by suspending potted plants on a close knit and sturdy trellis so that you make use of every sliver of space on your patio.

​Combine materials.

Use wood and stone for a contrast of materials so that you are able to create a unique statement in your space.

Create micro gardens.

If you have small corners that you are unsure about, then these are perfect sites for such micro gardens built with succulents, creepers and lots of stones.

Place a bench.

You can place a bench in your patio so that you have some cozy seating, which makes for a warmer and welcoming look.

​Layer away.

You can use layers so that you have a tiered look, which further makes any space look larger. This also adds a stylish edge to the patio. Here is another article that might interest you - 10 Errors To Avoid In Interior Decoration!

We are pretty impressed with this selection for a low budget patio. Which one would you adapt to your home? 

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