16 inspiring glass shower stalls for your bathroom

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The bathroom is a space where we all look for luxury. This is the space where we get some precious “me” time and we like to combine style and convenience of functions so that we do not end up rushing through the time we spend here. Come and have a look at these 16 inspiring glass shower stalls or cubicles to get one of your own where you can enjoy soothing and luxurious showers!

​Minimal yet solid.

This minimal framework also shows off a solid side with its heavy chrome bearings to hold the glass sheets in place.

​Show stopper.

This showstopper of a shower stall has been built along the center of the bathroom with mirrors behind to reflect acres of glossy good looks.

​Seamless rendition.

This impressive glass stall is almost invisible to the naked eye - such is its seamless design and effortless display of modern styling.

​Colorful lights.

The designers have installed colorful lights in their shower stall with its frosted glass detailing for an interesting and vibrant look.

​Textured Wall.

The curved wall of the shower stall has a brilliant and natural texture that adds personality to this neutral space.

​Contemporary touches.

The egg shaped bathtub and the neat shower stall with minimal brackets makes this a sleek and contemporary stone-tiled space.

​Dramatic mood lighting.

Up the drama quotient with well-planned mood lighting in a white and wooden space like this one.

​Extra points for privacy.

The frosted glass sheets and the mirrors attached on one side give plenty of privacy to the people inside.

​Hidden from plain sight.

This shower stall is placed in a cozy nook on the other side of the trendy patterned wall.

​Floating walls.

The walls have been designed in such a way that they can enclose the WC unit or the shower as per the whim of the user.

​Industrial chic.

This bathroom spells industrial chic with the glass sheets hanging from rods and the heavy iron brackets in a criss-cross on one side.

​Snug in a corner.

This bathroom has been set in a charming corner in this beautiful stone space with golden lighting.

​Going gray.

The designers decided to act on the 50 shades of gray with the veined marble and textured look in this shower stall.

​A vibrant dose.

The colors on the tiles within this diagonally placed shower stall have a vibrant and fun quality in this space! This is also perfect for small spaces.

​Modern yet rustic.

The stone tiles and textures of the walls of this shower corner make it a modern one with a rustic edge. This is the perfect space for a calming shower

​Artistic appeal.

This bathroom has a shower stall framed by heavy black iron fittings, which gives it all a charming and classic edge. For those who are in love with framed art, this would be the perfect shower stall! Here is a list of ideas that might inspire you - 10 cleaning mistakes that you should avoid!

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