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20 modern Christmas tree alternatives

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Christmas '14 Farrow & Ball Living roomLighting
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Well… it is officially the season for love and understanding, so merry Christmas everyone! If you're still not quite in the spirit, let us help you by suggesting some amazing modern alternatives to the good old Christmas tree. Forget shedding pine needles and trying to clamber down from the loft with a huge boxed tree in your hands, as all of these ideas are easy to put up, need no maintenance and all have the interior designer seal of approval, so you know you'll be in style too! If you're ready to feel a little less like the Grinch and a whole lot more jolly, let's take a look!

1. Sticks and fairy lights.

Christmas '14 Farrow & Ball Living roomLighting
Farrow & Ball

Christmas '14

Farrow & Ball

So easy but hugely impressive, all you need are some sticks from the garden and a string of lights. Your living room would look so designers chic!

2. Shaped cable lights.

Plug in and you're goo to go. Seriously, these lights come pre-shaped, on a stand and literally just need you to switch them on! Too simple!

3. An upcycled vintage ladder.

The rungs here are perfect for hanging dome baubles and draping some tinsel from, don't you think? Love that color scheme too! Ho, ho, HOLY CHIC!

4. Handmade fabric versions!

Crack out the sewing machine and get a little crafty, you budding Christmas elf! Old fabric scraps are super simple to turn into Christmas tree shapes and you can put LED lights in them, as they don't get too hot!

5. Felt for a crafty afternoon.

A good alternative to fabric scarps, felt can also be used to make a cool Christmas tree. That little wooden stand finishes this one off perfectly!

6. Broken up old pallets.

If you thought surprisingly cool furniture was all you could make from old pallets, think again! This tree is simply individual slats, positioned in a spiral, on a base!  We'll take two please AND lots of presents to place underneath them!

7. Still wood, but on a smaller scale.

If carpentry isn't your strong suit, you can try something along the same lines as the pallet tree, but on a smaller scale! Ideal for winter window sills!

8. Skinny metal framework.

This is the most minimalist and modern tree alternative that we've ever seen! Fabulous styling brings the festive touch here and the organic colored baubles certainly stick to the theme!

9. Ooooh, driftwood!

Going for a beach walk anytime soon? Grab any driftwood you come across and make a super tree! Santa won't eat his mince pie as he'll be too busy looking at your tree!

10. Stacked paper stars.

Christmas '14 Farrow & Ball Living roomAccessories & decoration
Farrow & Ball

Christmas '14

Farrow & Ball

We'd love to master origami, but there's something stopping us really getting good at it, BUT, even we can make this lovely folded star tree! Simply stack folded stars, onto a base. Et voilà!

11. Ready made lights!

Is is bad to admit we really like all these plug-in options? Take these trees for example. They look amazing, need no work and you only flick a switch. That's got to be good!

12. Pretty LED models.

Oooh, we have a new favorite! The shape, colors and size of these LED lights makes them a really cute Christmas tree alternative and  suddenly, we aren't craving the traditional family argument as we decorate the tree!

13. In the style of a cake holder!

This tiered tree is a fantastic idea! Small presents and decorations can all go on it, with larger items being placed underneath, like a standard tree! It's certainly jingling our bells!

14. Pipes, for a masculine look!

Here's an idea that men of the household would see and boldly proclaim, I could make that!. Well, now is their chance to prove it! Come on chaps, grab the plumbing supplies and spray paint!

15. Peelable wall decals!

When you want a wall decal, there it is and when the festive season comes to an end, you can simply pull it off, wipe the wall and it's as if it was never there! Genius! You can also go as big as you like, as it won't take up the whole room as a real tree would!

16. Simple flexible tubing.

A skinny metal design, we think we'd be tempted to have a go at making this one, but instead of black paint, we might look for a green lick of paint instead. Sentimental? Us? Never!

17. Trees, made from wood!

It's inception for trees! Yes, these delightful trees have been whittled from wood and they'll look amazing in a prime position in your living room so that everyone can appreciate them. Add a bit of tinsel and away you go!

18. A two-in-one hanging advent calendar tree.

In a smaller home, you kind of need to make the most of your space, without drowning it all out with festive decorations. A top tip is to have multi-functional pieces, such as this hanging advent calendar that can also be the tree that you stack pressies under!

19. A simple ply design.

Timber Tree OS31 Interior landscaping

Timber Tree


We don't know if it's the mulled wine we're drinking right now, the vivid hue of the red Poinsettia plants or the time of year, but we love this ply tree! We might look to add a few baubles and candles, but it's such a sleek and simple design, it'll accept them with ease!

20. Clever wall-mounted art.

If you're too cool for school and Christmas too, then bah Humbug to you! This gorgeous wall fixture, shaped like a tree and back lit, will be incredible as a year-round piece of decoration and when it comes to December, you can just claim it's your Christmas tree. Just remember though, if you don't believe, you go on the naught list, so don't be shocked if you get a smudgy coal finger print on your wall!

For a little extra Christmas cheer, take a look at this article: 15 Awesome Holiday Decoration Ideas.

Which of these tree alternatives would be great in your home?
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