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Musterhaus Mannheim 159, Skapetze Lichtmacher Skapetze Lichtmacher Modern Living Room
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What makes a house ideal for children? Plenty of bright space, a safe garden and vivid, fun color? Well if that's true, we've found the perfect family home, right here! We think you'll love the semi-open plan layout, which allows for easy, but not claustrophobic, supervision of youngsters, as well as a bold and bright use of color! Seriously, when you see some of the hues in place here, you'll be astounded at how well they work! While the interior design team hit a real home run, it's clear that this house was architecturally designed with a family in mind, so let's take a look around and see if there are any finishing touches that you might like to try out in your home! 

Time on the terrace.

If this was out home, we don't think we'd ever spend much time inside; not when there is this gorgeous terrace ready to be enjoyed! Thanks to the structure that is an extension of the main house, the terrace actually feels as though it is an interior space and with pretty lighting  and a lovely vista, this is such a beautiful way to finish the rear of a home!

A warm welcome.

We love the facade of this house, as it feels secure, strong and yet welcoming. Even from here, we think you can tell that this is a family home! It's the subtle touches, like a car port outside the front door, the white and wood exterior materials and perfect facade lighting. If it looks this good from outside, just imagine how the interior looks!

A bold color.

We did give you fair warning that some unusual colors were used in this home and here you can just about see that a fairly neutral kitchen and dining space leads through to a vivid green living room. We really love the impact, especially with the variety of textures and materials being used. This is a room that demands your attention for a long time!

The wider scheme.

Move back a little further and you can see that the green accents, though punchy, don't overshadow the whole room, thanks to a clever use of neutral walls, simple storage and eye-catching coffee tables! We don't think this is going to be the only vivid splash of color that we see here though…

Subtlety wins.

Everywhere we look, we see subtle touches that raise the profile of the space. They don't leap out instantly, but once you've seen them, you can't forget them and in here, we are all about those light fixtures! Fabulously funky, in comparison to the relatively neutral dining table and chairs, they make us question what the driving force is here… style or function?

Sleek counters and color accents.

Sneaky! We took a quick look at this kitchen and saw a perfectly pretty modern installation with lots of floor space, but then we took one more look and we saw all the vivid purple additions! We think we've figured this house out now; it's been designed and built for a family, so everything is practical, then the family themselves brought all the fun with their choices of colors. That being known, we think there will be some pretty amazing bedrooms to see!

Light-diffusing staircase.

We thought it was worth just pointing out this great staircase design! The open tread design means that natural light, which flows in through the window opposite, won't get blocked, but instead, with flow around the house and keep it looking bright and feeling warm. That's just genius design right there!

Calm and peaceful.

The blue here might be nice and pastel in tone, but you can't deny that it's clearly been chosen by people who really enjoy experimenting with shades! With a unique chest of drawers all painted to match and little in the way of other furniture, this is a big, beautiful and relaxing space, so we assume it's a haven for the parents of the home. The question is, how has the child chosen to decorate their room?

Kapow! A hit of color!

We love that the daughter here was clearly given total carte blanche to do whatever she wanted with her room and that she chose this fabulous fruit salad design scheme! Seriously, what a bright, cheerful punch of color that must be a joy to spend time in! With a desk set up in here too, we bet this room is only ever empty during school hours!

Such a bold change from all the neutral homes that we see, this colorful family space is a dream! If you fancy a little more color inspiration, take a look at this article: Decorating with the colors of the rainbow!

Would you love to raise a family in a house like this one?

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