22 things in your home that need cleaning—today!

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Often when we are cleaning we get stuck in and tackle the big stuff—vacuuming, mopping, window cleaning, rug beating, silverware polishing. Or we go right out and do a massive spring clean: clearing out wardrobes, repainting old furniture, sanding back and repainting flaking windowsills. And don't get us wrong, those things are all important to do, as is doing them regularly, but it's actually the little things that we need to worry more about. 

It's the things like wiping out that cutlery drawer, or cleaning the plate inside the microwave, wiping the top of the towel railing, and scrubbing all of the hard to reach places that we are bringing to your attention today. To help you get started on your cleaning blitz, we have made a list of 22 things you need to look at and put the elbow grease into making clean again. 

Just tick these off one by one and your home will be smelling, looking and feeling c.l.e.a.n. So let's get stuck in! 

1. Scrub the seal around your sink.

Food, germs—you name it—all build up here. Also, replace the silicon from any seal that you find crumbling, peeling or broken (or ask a professional handyman if you are unsure of which product to use). 

2. Wipe the dust off ladles, peelers, whisks and other kitchen tools.

Especially if they are stored hanging up on railings, or in containers on the kitchen bench. 

3. Dust gathers quickly, and settles up high.

So clean the tops of your light shades (and range hood) regularly to avoid build up.

4. ​Doorknobs are a haven for germs and bacteria.

Once you think about all of the hands that touch them throughout the day you will grab the disinfectant for them immediately. 

5. Cookers. They are used heavily and have many small parts, so take your time cleaning these.

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6. Somehow the cutlery drawer collects more than just knives and forks.

There will always be extra dirt, crumbs, and generally, more stuff than we think in this particular drawer. Dust it out and wipe it down.

7. The shower head is another often overlooked area.

Scrub this to stop the calcium build-up affecting your water pressure.

8. Don't forget about the faucets and taps in the washbasin.

Especially under the nozzle, where the water comes out. If yours are minimalist, modern and metallic, then polish polish polish!

9. Shower curtains are actually completely machine washable!

So you don't have to give this one much thought, just pop it in and hang it up to dry.

10. Any glass in the bathroom will become dirty quickly.

Mirrors, windows, walls—clean them all and you will instantly notice the difference.

11. Small, but important: toilet roll holders.

If the item you use to clean yourself with isn't clean, then you really don't stand a chance in the hygiene race. 

12. They shouldn't only help get you clean—bathtubs also need their own scrub down!

And if your bathroom has a beautiful mosaic feature, don't forget that either. 

13. That's right—any door or window hinge also needs cleaning.

A toothbrush is probably best for these fiddly parts. 

14. Air out your bed linen and blankets as often as you can.

Once you do, you will have heavenly dreams. 

15. Radiators are the main culprits when it comes to collecting dust.

Get in behind there with a static duster and you will see what we mean!

16. Elaborate headboards may be beautiful, but they need constant dusting.

And if it's wooden, you will need to get the polish out to maintain that lustrous shine. 

17. Windows in loft bedrooms often harbor mold and condensation.

If your upstairs room are too damp and the windows constantly have condensation, then invest in a dehumidifier. It will become your new best friend!

18. Frequently plump up and air pillows out.

Because of the natural oils from our hair and the sweat from our heads, we should wash pillow cases (of course) and air the linen as often as possible. 

19. Most upholstery comes up wonders with a vacuum.

If you take to armchairs with a vacuum cleaner, they usually look brand new afterwards. Be gentle of course!

20. Fireplaces and their ledges will be constantly covered in soot, dirt and dust.

So sweep them down between each use, and wipe the edges with a cloth to get rid of soot. 

21. Even modern artwork cannot stay dirt free.

These are a difficult one to clean, but if you run a duster or static cloth over them lightly, then it should do the trick. 

22. Don't only vacuum what you see, but more importantly, what you don't.

We can so often be cleaning in a hurry, but it's the hard to reach place that really count—under rugs, and also under sofas and chairs. You may even find that missing sock under there somewhere! 

How many out of these 22 things have been on your cleaning list already? Tell us your score below!

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