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This all-in-one container home makes downsizing your life look more attractive than ever. Thanks to the wooden cladding, dark trim and beautiful connecting deck, this shipping container has been turned from cold and sterile into a stylish and comfortable home. 

Built by the architects at SMARTSHACK, who are based in Weimar, Germany, this project shows us that the potential of a box is only limited by our imagination. Let's step inside to see what they have dreamed up, and made happen in this particular box.

Classy cladding on the exterior.

By simply cladding the exterior in wood, the whole feel of the structure has changed—and probably our attitude towards it. No longer is this a cold and clinical shipping container that was barely livable, now it has warmth, and ambiance. 

Perched in a lush garden, this home looks intriguing and inviting. So, let's now go inside. 

An easy entrance.

Elegantly styled and furnished, the interior is just like any modern home. The floor is finished with smooth ceramic tiling, the walls are painted a sophisticated shade of gray. 

A large sliding door doubles as the entrance way, connecting the patio area with the living room/kitchen. Venetian blinds hang over the windows for privacy, and perfectly complement the linear style of the exterior cladding. 

Combining coziness with classiness.

With rounded leather chairs, a dramatic hanging white lampshade and a superbly minimalist kitchen area, this side of the house is a dream. It's simple yet luxurious; sparse but cozy, and holds everything a pair of adults, or even a small family might need to live comfortably. 

Visions of the future in the bathroom.

The bathroom is probably the most surprising part of this home. Covered completely in white and silver, the vanity alcove complete with a curved silver wash basin looks slightly futuristic, and completely chic

Either to save on space or just to add to the ultra modern look, the faucet is installed right in the middle of the mirror—and how amazing does it look?  

A spacious shower cubicle.

And that leads us onto the divine shower cubicle. Designed as a whole wet area, this is not only a practical way to save on space and having a separated area for the toilet, but it looks absolutely luxurious. 

If a shipping container can have a bathroom like this, then where's the downside when it comes to downsizing?

The perfect finish.

We finish our tour with one last look at the outdoor patio area. Built from the same wood that covers the exterior walls, this terrace is the icing on the cake in this home. The furniture here is light enough to carry and store inside if need be, and the glass table top adds the touch of elegance we have now come to expect from this compact home. 

If this doesn't change your mind about container homes, then take a quick look at this one—it will be sure to impress. 

Did you expect to see such an amazing shower in this home? Tell us about your reaction below. 

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