A modern renovation with rustic roots

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De droom van vintage & natuur in prachtige combinatie: een woonboerderij om van te dromen, van Os Architecten van Os Architecten
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Renovating a dilapidated old house while not only retaining, but in fact highlighting its original structure and features is a challenging task! Having undertaken such a project in Breda in the Netherlands, the architects at Joep Van OS Architecten Bureau did an amazing job of creating a contemporary wonderland that is trendy and stylish yet is rooted in tradition and focuses on highlighting the original wooden structure, thus giving the residence a strong, rustic note. Let's have a look at the transformation!

​Before: the wooden structure.

We have a clear view of the original wooden structure of the house. Though the residence was old and shabby and needed restoration, the wooden beams are in good condition and will be spruced up and retained in the new design.

​Before: the ruined roof.

The roof and the floor, on the other hand, are in poor shape and must be replaced. The brick wall, though old, is strong and sturdy and after restoration will team well with the wooden beams in the new design.

​After: strong rustic flavor.

What an amazing blend of contemporary and rustic! The wooden beams have been given extra stability with reinforced concrete at the base. The high ceiling has been retained, creating an airy atmosphere, and the brick wall at the far end completes the rustic ambiance. Not to be missed is the polished quicklime floor—another traditional element that fits perfectly in the decor and harmonizes with the elegant gray furniture. The living area flows into the kitchen for easy communicability.

​After: the modern kitchen.

The beautiful gray hues of this elegant linear kitchen look aesthetically appealing against the wooden beams. This is a modern, functional kitchen in which we can easily imagine cooking up a storm! The quaint yellow lights add a trendy note while casting a soft, warm glow over the area.

​After: cozy dining room.

The cool gray kitchen flows smoothly into the warm brown dining area that is placed against a rustic brick wall. Illuminated by a hanging light, the yellow glow highlights a cozy space to enjoy a family meal. The floral arrangement on the dining table makes the area look even more inviting!

​After: the compact staircase.

This is a fine example of optimum utilization of space. The sleek gray staircase is neatly concealed between a wall of bookshelves and the back of the kitchen wall!

​After: attic bathroom.

What an innovative transformation of the old attic into a modern and stylish bathroom! The running theme of original wooden beams adds a rustic note to the glamorous ambiance while the windows allow a flood of natural light in this low-maintenance elegant space.

With a dollop of ingenuity, Joep Van OS Architecten Bureau have created a beautiful contemporary residence with distinct rustic notes from the original structure of the house. Here is another transformation story that might interest you - Before & After: A Dramatic Makeover with Low-Cost Home Staging!

Do you think the architects stayed true to the original structure?

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