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With an area of only 710 square feet at its disposal, this compact but stylish apartment was creatively rendered by the architects at Brando Concept. It’s truly inspiring how space has been optimally used in this home to cater to all modern needs. The colour palette is neutral, minimalist and uses different shades of white, grey and beige for a classy look. Sleek designs and comfy furnishing make this apartment attractive too.

Open plan layout

The flat follows an open plan layout with no interior walls between the living, dining and kitchen. This makes the interior look more spacious than it is, and the white walls contribute to the brightness as well. The furniture is trendy, cosy and doesn’t cramp the home. The TV has been positioned in such a way that both diners and those sitting in the living area can watch it.

Chic touches

We love how accent lighting accentuates the ruggedness of the stone walls in this home. The abstract paintings adorning the walls are monochrome too, to complement the furnishing. The futuristic lamp above the dining table is a unique touch.

Let the light in

A large glass window and door bring in tons of sunlight to brighten up the common areas of the apartment generously. Despite the modest floor area, the home looks big and inviting.

Stylish kitchen

Sleek and gleaming cabinets line the open kitchen to offer adequate storage space. They also accommodate the appliances neatly, while bright task lights make cooking a convenient chore.

Charming bedroom

A simple but modern bed equipped with plush bedding and plump cushions invite you to sink in after a hard day. Sunlight floods the bedroom through the glass window, while a sleek shelf in the corner holds books and other knickknacks. The side table is also a waste bin, and the single artwork adds spice to the white walls.

Sleek bathroom

A sleek sink counter and cabinet add tons of utility to the sleek and trendy bathroom. The long mirror lends the illusion of spaciousness, while minimalist fixtures boost the style quotient.

No space gets wasted

Modern fixtures and sleek designs make this compact bathroom extremely functional and chic as well. The corner next to the WC has been cleverly used to house the sink and a simple shelf with wicker baskets for storage purposes.

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