14 mistakes we make while painting walls

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The walls of our home often reflect our sense of aesthetics and style. Yet, errors during the painting process can make it reflect its imperfections. So avoid making these mistakes when you are painting your walls.

​Creativity overdose.

Do not commit a creativity overdose by dousing an entire wall in spray paint or decals. Reserve such touches for a sliver of space or a pillar.

​Sponge painting.

This trend is a thing of the past and has now been replaced by more cutting edge techniques that you can make use of. So do your research before you choose the technique for your accent wall.

​Faulty optical illusions.

Painting a small space in a style that makes it look even narrower and other such mistakes can cost you dearly; so avoid making such optical illusions in small spaces.

​Cover the imperfections.

You will need to use putty or white cement to cover holes and other imperfections that will show up once the gleaming new coat of paint comes on to the surface!

​Too much texture.

While an accent wall and some texture is a good thing, it is never a good idea to overdo it. You must balance a textured wall with at least two or three plain walls for a more wholesome style.

​Boring colors.

While choosing colors, stay away from the dull and boring like mustard and other brown shades. Try and look for neutrals and a vibrant shade for an accent wall

​Scraping preparation.

While this may be a tedious process, it is also a necessary one. If you do not scrape and level the wall, you will be left with an uneven paint job along with remnants of the old paint.

​Think it through.

Many people do not think color combinations through, which may lead to mismatched walls in the same room! Avoid this by using a color wheel and an expert eye.

​Do not go too bold.

Over-the-top vibrant colors may leave you tired at the end of the day. So avoid using these colors, especially in your indoor spaces.

​Same color.

Do not douse the same dramatic color on all the walls. Instead keep it reserved for an accent wall and use a neutral cream or white for the other walls so that you do not go for an overkill.

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​Wrong graphics.

Do not use the wrong imagery that will make your room look too small or too cluttered. Choose something proportionate and right for the size, layout and furniture of the room.

​Get the right fit.

The images and decals that do not fit into a space should not be utilized as they will make the entire space look disproportionate.

​Dark colors.

Use dark colors sparingly rather than using them on entire walls. We may think that we are making a dramatic statement, but we are actually creating a mood buster, filled with chaos.

​Childish imagery.

Stay away from images that will make your living room look like a nursery. Take a look at a few more inspiring ideas - 22 Time-Saving Tricks in the Kitchen!

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