10 cleaning mistakes that you should avoid

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Keeping your house neat and clean is like telling the world that you prefer to live in a civilized setting. Your home is an extension of yourself and it is only fitting that you would be prepared to go through various measures in order to keep it clean. Yet, if you have been grappling with this aspect for a while, then you are probably guilty of making one or more of these cleaning mistakes in your ritual. So take a look at these 10 mistakes to know and avoid them.

1. Clean your sponge.

One of the cardinal cleaning mistakes we all make is with the sponge that we repeatedly use to clean surfaces on an everyday basis. When was the last time you cleaned this sponge? Soak and dry it at least thrice a week to avoid a dirty look on your surfaces!

2. Where do you spray?

Are you spraying your cleaning liquid directly on to the surface that you are trying to clean? This will leave marks of droplets long after you have wiped it. The best way to avoid this is to spray onto your sponge or rag and then run this over the surface.

3. Placing the toilet brush properly after use.

If you are in the habit of restoring the toilet brush on its hook or holder right after you have used it, then you are letting germs and dirty water drip and accumulate. Instead, run it through a flush of clean water, let it dry and then place it back.

4. Going too fast.

This is another sin that many people commit. Rather than rushing through the cleaning up process, you may want to go through one room or one task at a time so as to do it properly. You may want to schedule tasks like lamps and fans for once a week, and cupboards every fortnight to be more organized about it all.

5. Have a manual, but won’t use it.

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Every piece of furniture and accessories nowadays come with cleaning instructions and an assembly manual. Ensure that you read these carefully so as to avoid making any cleaning mistakes that may cost you permanent damage. These especially apply to lacquered or leather-bound pieces.

6. Do not clean your windows on a sunny day.

On a sunny day, the sunlight causes the stains to shine away, which can be fixed if you look at the same window on a dull or cloudy day. 

7. Cleaning from left to right.

When you clean from one direction to other, the dirt comes right back. Instead, zap the dirt by cleaning in a Z or an S motion.

8. More is not good.

You cannot use too much detergent or cleaning solution and think it is good. This will only form an extra layer of dirt as time goes by.

9. Missing out the vacuum.

You may not be emptying your vacuum regularly, which may lead to an accumulation of dirt that comes the next time when you vacuum.

10. Cleaning electronics.

Disconnect and be careful with your electronics before you clean them. Also avoid spraying on them. Like this article, here is another one with more inspiring ideas  - 14 mistakes we make while painting walls!

Did you know these already? Have one cleaning trick up your sleeve? Share with us! 

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