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As the end of the year approaches and Christmas music already plays  in shops, we are counting down our best articles and home designs for you. Today we will look at the top homes featured in the month of November. 

Did your favorite homify home make the cut? Check them out as we comence the countdown. Shall we? 

#5) The $25,000 house that makes a big impression!

While the world continues to add more and more people to its population, there will always be a need for reasonably-priced housing, but would you believe us if we told you that you could get a comfortable, gorgeous and incredibly stylish home for a mere $25,000? It seems unlikely, but that's exactly what we are going to show you and we can't help but think that this project gives hope to people who may have previously thought they would be unable to get on the housing ladder. Let's take a look at what the talented architects in charge of this design have created and marvel at their ingenuity!

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#4) The eco-friendly villa in the tropics, too good to be true

As the days get shorter in the northern hemisphere, most of us will spend our time dreaming about migrating to warmer climates, or to sunny beaches. If you are one of those people, then this property will have you booking your ticket and packing your bags, ready to head somewhere tropical. Or if you are unable to escape the cold, but are thinking of renovating your home, or even building a new house, then take this inspiration from this coastal tourism retreat in Tulum, Mexico.

Built by Texan architect firm SPECHT ARCHITECTS, and located among the stunning scenery in the Tulum National Park, this ultra-modern complex is full of innovation and incredible design. Focused on sustainable energy and self-sufficiency, the 'Casa Xisim' as this private villa is called, heralds in a new age of accommodation for tourists. Not only have the architects focused on keeping this property 'green', but have also included the surrounding nature into the design wherever possible.

This property celebrates it's settings and the heritage site it's built on, without leaving a lasting impact. It's this respect for the environment and the championing of new technologies (not to mention incredible design) that you too can incorporate into your own home design, no matter where in the world you may be building. 

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#3) A modern dream home

Building your dream home comes with a lot of costs and risks, but seeing your final creation come to life is the best feeling in the world. This incredible modern home is the dream child of Luis Garcia Arquitectura + Diseño located on the coast of Mexico. This two-story home is surrounded by lush and vibrant plants making its white concrete design stand out proudly against its surroundings. This home is about beauty and relaxation from the inside out. From the incredible garden and pool to the relaxing upstairs bathroom, everything about this home will make you happier and more at ease. This tropical home is the stuff dreams are made of so let's take a closer look! 

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#2) A Sophisticated & Unique Family Home

Home style luxury does not hinge merely on the number of storys, dimensions of the house or the furnishings & decor. A refined taste for aesthetics & a good understanding of spaces is sufficient to lend a cozy elegance to the home.

A large number of clients believe that one floor may not be enough to meet the specifications of an integrated floor plan. So, homify will take you on a house tour wherein you will find remarkable panache, posh finesse & a fabulous integration of home spaces—all within a single story. This brilliance is a handiwork of the Polanco based architects romerodelamora, who have exquisitely wrapped opulent grace in precise simplicity. 

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#1) An elegant home to inspire you

Some homes seem to have been designed with so much more than enviable style in mind and that's exactly what we see in this apartment! Filled to the brim with gorgeous storage, neutral tones and high-end finishes, this home is seriously bringing out the green-eyed monster in us! Take a look for yourself and see if the interior designer has, unwittingly, crafted your perfectly simple home too! Playful lighting. 

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Did yours make the cut? 

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