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What's better than coming across beautiful houses that seem so simple, only to discover that they have a shockingly chic interior and a hidden surprise out in the garden? Nothing in our book, which is why we've learned to never judge a house by its facade! What could look like a wonderfully designed little family home could be outrageous on the inside and you'll never know, unless you get an invite, so isn't it fortunate that you can tag along with us while we look at this one? Seriously, we think you're going to love how the architect and interior designer have worked to their own mandates, but created a spectacular home between them, so if you're ready for a little small but amazing home inspiration, let's take a look!

Pretty and unassuming.

What we love about houses like this one is that they look great, have a naturally welcoming ambiance and look totally designed to fulfill a need. With an integrated garage, the rear garden is nicely private and the monochrome materials palette really does lift this from being just a small family home to a beautiful and modern masterpiece! The neatness of that front garden is killing us too; we can only dream of such organisation! 

Sweet and charming.

In a modern home, you'd naturally hope to have a living room as charming as this delightful space! A cacophony of wonderful coffee and cream tones, it feels so well curated and dreamy that we can't imagine anything other than some easy relaxation happening in here. Of course, the sumptuous textile additions really help too, such as a fluffy rug and an elegant leather corner sofa!

Whipping us into a frenzy.

You can probably start to see that the interior here has been finished to such an extraordinary standard, that despite being neutral throughout, this home has the elegance and style of a far grander home. This kitchen/diner is no exception, as muted creams, polished chrome and pale wood all swirl together like a perfect cocktail and the result is delicious. A few retro touches and eye-catching light fixtures are the perfect extra decorating finesse and don't tip the balance into showy either! Wow!

A stairway to heaven!

Open tread stairs are fast becoming one of our favorite interior design touches, as we love to see how they simply allow natural light to bounce around inside a space!These ones, with their rich wood steps, metal framework and brushed steel safety rails are utterly stunning and offer such a bold contrast against the neutral backdrop! Every surface here seems so clean, fresh and sparkling, it's like looking at a show home. We love it!

That's a surprise!

The proportions of this bathroom are delightful; talk about being able to enjoy a long, luxurious shower before stepping out and enjoying a sauna session. Wait, WHAT? Yes, that's right, this is one of the big surprises that the house contains… an indoor sauna to while away all the stresses of the day! We don't know about you, but if we owned a home as amazing as this, we can't imagine ever being stressed again!

The big shocker!

Did you ever, in a million years, think that this compact and cute little house would have been hiding the ultimate in luxury additions at the back? Neither did we, but here it is… a stunning pool! A sunken design, it is absolutely gorgeous but add in a super little terrace and we are done. Seriously, this house has everything you could need or want and manages to look so modest. Give us the keys, we're ready to move in!

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Would you be able to say no to a home with a home sauna?

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