A narrow home with widespread appeal!

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We are always fascinated to see how architects and their clients have managed to overcome strange or awkward home proportions and today's project is a masterclass in just that! A far more narrow home than we are used to building, the interior, somehow, doesn't feel cramped or claustrophobic, but instead, cozy and welcoming. There's no shortage of personal touches and inspired use of materials and colors either, so if you were assuming it's a simple 'white box' inside, think again! Come with us now as we take a look around and discover the secrets of this narrow but nice home!

A beautiful facade.

What we love most about this frontage is that you don't instantly notice the narrow dimensions of it, as you are focusing instead on all the pretty touches that make it a real show-stopper! Draping greenery, a delightful little bench and a modern aesthetic are all working together to make this home nothing more than gorgeous and covetable.

Living in luxury.

Wow. What a living room this is! An exposed brick wall is the perfect way to add some warmth and character, which naturally blends well with the rustic wood flooring, and then simple but well thought out furniture really finishes everything off to perfection! By choosing long but lean items, the depth of the house is being used to its full potential, which means  that you simply don't think about the width!

Cooking in style.

With no doors to contend with in this home, you can simply glide effortlessly from living room to kitchen in a few steps and what a kitchen it is! The exposed brick wall continues through, adding a level of cohesion and continuation that seems to be rare these days, while the long and lean furniture choices are also carried through as well. We love the rustic farmhouse table that looks amazing against the bricks and the funky floor addition really perks the whole room up. Matching the counter to the door and window frames was inspired, as it really ties everything together!

Bright and fresh!

What staggers us about this home is how well considered every last detail is. The bathroom is in a different area to the main living space, yet even in here, the sink is long and skinny, in a bid to match everything else and that huge mirror? Wow! Talk about making the room double in size! A simple white scheme looks great, especially with the added luxury of a marble sink and a simple black shower enclosure maintains the cohesion even further!

What more could you need?

What we love about this bedroom is that it's driven by functionality. Yes it's stylish, but it's all about getting a restful night's sleep in here, hence the lack of clutter or unnecessary furniture. We have to say that we applaud the extra wide bed in here though, as sometimes, you just need to treat yourself!

A truly amazing home that uses space to utter perfection, if you want to see more inspiration along these lines, take a look at this article: Small home, big style.

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