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A small house with every inch of style

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Today we want to show you a small house with plenty of style. Situated in Japan, the house is compact, yet it has all the modern perks. Named the White House, it was designed by Japanese architect COIL. So if you love the eclectic look, then look no further. Designed with a preference for fresh simplicity, the house is minimalist in its treatment of decor, and yet completely welcoming and warm. 

Come and visit this amazing home!

1. Facade.

Just by looking at this house, you will notice that it is no ordinary home. The white color stands out whilst the compact size makes you wonder about the way it is arranged on the inside. The plain wooden door is certainly simple yet desirable—creating a homely feel. 

2. Living room.

We told you this house was unique. It has a living room on the second floor which is decorated in warm colors with a charming wooden floor and wooden beams on the ceiling. A plush sofa, along with a few other clever furnishings create a space that is well lit, neutral and relaxed. 

3. Office.

Next to the living room, we go into the home office but it is not separated by a wall. With a large wooden table that is fit for all sorts of activities, the room is open plan and airy.  

4. Multipurpose.

From this angle you can see the living room, office as well as the kitchen. Despite it being a small home, it uses space very effectively and this is evident in the room-planning. The stainless steel sink shares the same bench as the office desk, making it completely versatile. The whole room is wonderfully decorated with so many warm furnishings as well as wood throughout.

5. Kitchen.

The kitchen is fitted with wall shelves and a stainless steel back splash which allows for easy cleaning, heat, water and grease to be easily controlled. There is plenty of space for utensils and appliances as we can see with the way the storage space is arranged. 

6. Dining area.

We can see how eclectic this space really is when we take notice of the chairs which are not matching but each piece of furniture is simple and beautiful on its own. There is a minimalist approach to decoration and furniture, in the way that only the bare essentials are utilized in this home. 

7. Hallway.

Here we can see the hallway which is located at the entrance of the home. There is a shoe rack with plenty of space for shoes and other accessories whilst the rest of the hallway allows a lot of room for other outdoor items as well. 

8. Bedroom.

We told you this house was unique because the bedroom in front of the house! The bedroom is simple and elegant in white with only a bookshelf on the wall. You can enter it via the hallway and there is also a drop curtain for privacy just before you step into the bathroom area. If you love smart and innovative bedrooms, you will love these 6 ways to bolster the novelty factor in your bedroom!

9. Bathroom.

Here you can see the bathroom which is predominately white. Next to it is a washing machine and shower which is easily accessible with a simple floor plan. 

10. Floor plan.

You can see the floor plan in this image in which you can note that each inch of the house was carefully planned to make full use of every area effectively. 

What do you think about the one room-plan of this home?
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