18 secrets a plumber won't tell you for free!

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Tradesmen are often some of the best people out there and given that we rely on them to keep our homes running at maximum efficiency! Every now and then, however, you find one that doesn't mind divulging some tricks of the trade and we've encountered one such plumber, who has told us a host of secrets that are very much to our benefit! You won't believe how much money you could save on bathroom plumbing jobs, in particular, if you read this article, so let's take a look and learn some secrets!

1. You don't need plumbers as much as you think.

Most jobs are just fiddly and time consuming, but not actually hard!

2. Replacing a washing machine hose is a two minute job.

You can get the parts at any DIY store and fit them easily.

3. Don't put chemical cleaning products in your cistern.

They actually rot out your plastic pipes and hardware!

4. Always know where your stopcock is located.

At least this way you can stop a leak yourself, before ruining the rest of your home!

5. Hair in the plughole is dangerous.

It can totally back up all your water supply and when it starts to decompose, isn't pleasant!

6. Don't believe the hype about flush-able wipes.

There's no such thing, as they all clog your drain eventually. Stick to toilet paper.

7. Get a fixed-rate contract agreed, not an hourly one.

When it's in a tradesman's interest to get in, do a good job and get out quickly, you'll be surprised how hard they can work!

8. Replacing your own flush is simple enough for anyone to do it.

Just follow the instructions on the packet and you'll be fine!

9. Monday call-outs will cost you more.

This is because most people try their hand at DIY on a weekend! Clever!

10. Don't hang anything from exposed pipes or ducting.

It won't look as delightfully industrial when something stops working!

11. Old toilet seats aren't always easy to remove.

They really can get stuck! It's not just you that struggles!

12. Turn off outdoor faucets in winter.

If you don't, you'll run the risk of frozen pipes that can be really serious.

13. A dripping tap could be a serious problem.

The longer you leave a tap dripping, the more damage might be occurring, which will cost you more to fix. Get someone of straight away for a drip!

14. Reputable plumbers will come and assess a problem for free.

If they charge you just to come and quote for the work, say no!

15. Don't pick a plumber at random or from a directory.

Word of mouth and recommendations are the only way to know you're getting a great plumber.

16. Clearing away anything that could get in your plumber's way will save you money.

If your tradesman is having to faff with moving your items, that's eating into the first hour! Make it easy for them!

17. Only use licensed or registered professionals.

Every trade has a professional register, so make sure your plumber is on one!

18. Don't assume that cheaper is better.

Your wallet might like cheap but your plumbing might not. Choose the right person for the job, not the least expensive.

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Will you apply any of this knowledge next time you need a plumber? 

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