13 things you should not have in your kitchen

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The answer to the question of how to design a kitchen that is convenient and practical, is not an easy one to answer. So today we will be looking at 13 things you should NOT have in your kitchen to help you achieve a convenient and practical space. With the help of interior designers we have compiled this list which should help you maximize the use and space of yours. Shall we?  

1. Vases on a kitchen island.

Vases on a kitchen island—although adding flowers to any place will look good, a vase on a kitchen island is a not a necessity, you need the space as a worktop, it is a non-functional decor. 

2. Too many bowls of fruit.

Having more than one bowl of fruit is not a good idea. Although they look nice, they take up valuable cooking space.

3. Books, which are not in use.

Books, newspapers and magazines, which are no longer used can be placed in the library, or in another room. 

4. Devices that are not used every day.

Devices that are not used often should not be placed on the kitchen counter. Reserve that space for the things you use daily and store the others in an easy to take out place. 

5. No to clutter.

In smaller spaces, typical of modern life, it is best to unclutter your space.

6. Food products.

Most canned goods and or packaging have a long shelf life, such as rice and pasta, but they DO have an expiry date. So it is prudent for every now and again to clean out the shelves of 'forgotten' food. 

7. Special silverware.

The kitchen is no place for a set of fancy silverware because there is a risk of damaging them. It is better to find these precious treasures in the dining room and take them out for special occasions.  

8. Too many plants.

Although plants liven up any environment, (like many things on our list), too much of them might occupy too much space. So balance is the key word here.  

9. Pots and pans that are not used frequently.

Things that are not in everyday use should be stored away safely and with easy access. 

10. Newspapers and magazines at the dining table.

Pilling newspapers after reading them is a habit most of us have. We read them with our morning coffee and then have them set aside for that article that we will never read. Put them to better use and recycle them. 

11. Baskets, bowls and jugs.

If they are used as a decorative piece, then we say: SCRAP THEM. Your kitchen should be elegant and functional and ready to be used. Can you imagine having to remove all these things every time you cook? Plus dust and grease loves sticking to the top of bottles. 

12. A rug in the kitchen.

Unfortunately rugs and carpets do not belong in the kitchen or bathroom. Of course, if they are waterproof or easy to clean it is another story indeed. For those late nights creeping into the kitchen barefooted, that floor space that it isn't freezing cold is a special find. But we are looking for practicality here, so no to rugs in general in the kitchen!

13. Knives and other utensils.

If you have a space for your utensils that it is not on the counter, perfect! If not they shouldn't really be on the kitchen counter taking up cooking space. So make space for them somewhere else. 

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