23 wooden kitchens: modern and spectacular!

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There are countless styles to decorate kitchens and infinite designs for all tastes. So with this in mind we can create a room that is infused with your personality, and this we can do by choosing the materials and colors that we most identify with. Today we will give you ideas inspired on professional designed kitchens adding that warmth and hospitality by the use of wood. Shall we? 

1. U-shaped counter to optimize space.

Wood can be used for furniture and in this case, it can be used from bottom to top—from the floor to the ceiling trimmings. 

2. Wood in a cozy kitchen.

Wood is the material that adds coziness to any room. 

3. Wood everywhere! (And in combination with other materials).

When furniture made up of wood is included in the kitchen, we get a warm and comfortable space, ideal for meeting family and friends.

4. Kitchen island.

Regardless of the size of the kitchen, incorporating a kitchen island is always a good idea to creating more worktop space, the island will also provide storage.  

5. Bright and perfect!

The wood in pale tones brings more light into any room and it gives a sophisticated and fresh air to the space, so if your kitchen is small, use light wood combined with white and open that space up.

6. Modern and stylish.

Wood is a material that adapts to any decorative style, from rustic, minimalist, modern, vintage to the most Avant-Garde. There is really no going wrong with picking wood for your home.  

7. Nature.

Wood is a recyclable and biodegradable material. It is a very beautiful natural material, so it is pleasant both for its aesthetics, texture and its characteristic smell.

8. Wood in dark hue, maximum elegance!

Wood is a versatile material, you could leave it in its natural hue or you can add a lick of paint and completely transform it.  

9. Functional and beautiful furniture.

There are many options to include wood in a modern kitchen. As previously shown, this material could run from the floor to the ceiling, options are endless. 

10. Harmony.

Discreet storage such as this one brings harmony into a space. It is symmetrical and chic.

11. Nude tone.

The exposed structures in the kitchen such as beams, columns and window frames, can look spectacular in their natural state and still maintain the modern style with top of the line accessories and sleek furniture.

12. A warm dining room.

If you have space in your kitchen for a dining table, you can incorporate a wooden table such as oak, pine or cherry. Each one has a different hue and they offer an exquisite and rich look.

13. With stainless steel.

Wood combines very well with stainless steel appliances, it is truly a perfect match! 

14. A kitchen island-dining table.

A kitchen island can act as a work top and as a dining table. There are no limits to creativity. 

15. With vintage notes.

What is really great about mix and match using wood is that if used in the right proportions and dosage, wood can make any kitchen fabulous. Look at those tiles, how amazing is that match? 

16. In a bright white kitchen.

White kitchens have a particular charm because they transmit to us cleanliness, freshness and luminosity and by including wood in the kitchen is the ideal solution to break that sterile feel and add warmth to that space.

17. Natural looking.

Wood is a natural element that needs treatment, especially when incorporated in a kitchen as cooking can be messy and damage the wood. Maintaining the kitchen 'healthy' means taking care of your appliances and furniture accordingly. 

18. Superb shelves.

Besides adding functionality, wood shelves adds character and style to a space. 

19. Lovely walls.

Another great example of what can be done with wood: a space can be uniform with wood wall coverings. 

20. Simplicity and elegance.

Wood is one of the materials most appreciated in home minimalist trends, so for a modern minimalist kitchen wood is ideal. Monochromatic and elegant, this kitchen is decorated with the simplicity of its furniture and textures of wood.

21. Tradition and modernity.

Another material that works well with wood in the kitchen is concrete. As we have seen so far, there isn't really a material that clashes with wood. 

22. Lacquered wood.

Wood kitchens don't necessarily have to stay in their natural color, they can also be treated with lacquer or paint.

23. Accentuating warmth.

The natural, cozy and warm look of wood will be enhanced in the kitchen with beautiful plants or flowers. 

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What did you think of number #5 and #20? Tell us in the comment section! 

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