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Wrong design decisions in small bathrooms

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Small spaces sometimes need small changes to gain style and functionality. And most of the time these changes can come with tweaks, and not necessarily knocking down a wall and turning the room larger to solve problems. 

Today we will focus on what not to do in a bathroom, in order to maximize the use of the space and improve functionality. Most of the things illustrated here you will not require expert assistance, many can be implemented independently and in a simple way. Shall we? 

Mistake 1: where to place the sink.

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It is better to place the sink in the corner, rather than centralized taking up a whole wall, where it will block for example, a way out of the shower.

Mistake 2: ignore patterns.

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Patterns like the one illustrated in this photo, will visually deceive us and it will make the space seem smaller than it actually is.

Mistake 3: doors.

Doors that open inward and outward in small bathrooms are really impractical. It is better to fit either folding or sliding doors.

Mistake 4: square shapes.

In small bathrooms, round and oval shapes works best.

Mistake 5: not maximizing floor space.

The gap between any piece of furniture in your bathroom and the floor is an unused space. Why not try and maximize this potential storage space?

Mistake 6: small mirror.

One way to open up space in any room is to use mirrors. 

Mistake 7: not enough storage.

Storage in a small bathroom can be difficult to find. If you were to add a few handle bars for wet towels you could always store other bathroom items in another room. 

Mistake 8: inappropriate sink.

If the bathroom is small, the ideal sink should be proportional to the room. 

Mistake 9: avoiding cabinets.

The addition of one small cabinet can completely change the bathroom. You can always use another storage space that is located somewhere else for your bathroom things. 

Mistake 10: odd shaped bathrooms.

Although your bathroom might not be a perfect box, or rectangle, utilizing those odd shaped corners is not as difficult as it sounds. Just by using your creativity you can always maximize the space in your bathroom. In this example a mirror was installed with a shelf unit that can accommodate things. 

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Were you making these mistakes in your small bathroom? Can you adapt these ideas? 
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