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Casa El Pirul, arketipo-taller de arquitectura arketipo-taller de arquitectura Classic style houses
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There are many styles and trends that become popularized over time which leads them to develop and evolve thanks to the design professionals and general public. However, there are some which are not rescued or popular, but have simply been around for a long time and which have stayed popular throughout time. Eclectic is when two or more styles are celebrated and achieve a symbiosis. The result is a unique character and an intriguing balance. 

Casa El Pirul, created by the architects of Arketipo—Architecture Workshop, managed to use a unique architectural style in a large residence in Jalisco, Mexico, which imposes its hierarchy within its urban context: A fabulous house with an eclectic style where the elegant and the stylish merge. 

Come and take a look!

An impressive facade.

The facade of Casa El Pirul highlights the eclectic style via the architectural design of the house. A residence of large volumes, with a palette of very peculiar colors, which combines white walls with red accented tiles, dark colors frames, columns and other decorative elements, it is a classically cut home which borrows from other architectural trends such as Art Nouveau. 

A grand entrance.

The main entrance consists of black tiles that lead to the beautiful and huge door made of wood which is crowned by a intricate art that highlights its presence. The main entrance is framed by double columns on both sides which are the perfect finish to a walkway that is flanked with a wonderful array of plants that lead to the entrance of the house.

A unique kitchen.

As expected, the kitchen has a unique design; combining elements of different styles such as modern, classic touches and even remnants of the Victorian era, it has a very unique color combination in which red, white and wood are accentuated and finished off with stainless steel. The kitchen is very spacious with a central bar at the heart of the room. Let's not overlook the great clock which adds a lot of personality to the space as a whole.

Incredible living room.

In the living room, we find a range of much more relaxed and lively colors. With curtains in yellow, a gray wall adorned with a large painting and warm colors, in addition to large sofa in a beige color—the room is absolutely divine. The floor in white creates a certain polished look, whilst the black contrasting rug sits elegantly at the center of the room. 

A colorful dining room.

In the dining room we have a palette very similar to the living room colors, but this time, the colorful dining room chairs are upholstered in pink velvet rather than black. This design is complemented by another set of chairs which add color-balance whilst the dining room table and lighting create a touch of elegance

A look at the sky.

Few houses have skylight like this one. A large dome in the lobby adds just enough sunlight in to fill the room with natural light. It is also the focal point of this architectural design adding to the eclecticism of the whole home. 

Home office.

This home office has an elegant air. Fine furniture in black give shape to the room which is adorned with a beautiful wooden floor. The red wall around the window, along with the beautiful wallpaper, create an intriguing contrast which gives the whole space a refined and luxurious look.  

Children's bedroom.

We end this tour glancing at this fabulous girls' bedroom. Subtly furnished in soft hues, the room is fresh and vibrant. The chandelier is positioned at the center of the space, giving the bedroom an elegant character with plenty of light.

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Which room stood out the most for you and why?

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