Garden ideas: 12 front gardens that will inspire you to change yours

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Gardening is a pleasure for many nature-lovers, and has many therapeutic and aesthetic benefits both for oneself and for the garden. A nice and well-kept garden will give your home a touch of freshness, beauty and a natural charm, and will be a beautiful space to find inner peace and spend pleasant moments. Not only will it be the scene of serene retreat, but can also be a bustiling social area on warm days and summer nights.

Today, we bring you this list so we can have a look at 12 gardens that are sure to inspire you to design, build or renovate yours. From small details to obvious contrasts, we hope you enjoy the ideas we have here for you today. Do not forget that for all your construction projects or gardening, you have available the assistance of our experts. 

And now, let's see!

1. At the entrance of the house.

Entering the house, we can see a combination of plants and shrubs that add life and color to the surrounding wood and stone.

2. Using stones.

The stones are easy to handle and can help visually limit the green of a garden, creating space in the middle of the grass, or small part from the rest of the area.

3. Taking advantage of a patio.

Whether big or small, a patio is always an opportunity to take advantage and turn it into a social space for family and friends. Creating a green area near a seating area is ideal.

4. Cactus and stone.

The desert can be very inspiring, and stones can help in creating separate spaces on the grass which contrasts with its color and allow the growth of different and special species in your garden.

5. Useful walls.

Hollow spaces in walls can not only be aesthetically pleasing, as we see in the picture, but even more useful to place plants if an orderly design is chosen. In this photo, we see a garden in minimalist style that relies heavily on dark tones.

6. Timber.

Wood shines in the garden of this photo. Natural elements such as plants and wood always stick well together.

7. Taking advantage of space.

Having different sections with different functions in your front garden will not only create an interesting composition, but will also increase the perceived size of the area.

8. Luxury entrance.

A worthy and luxurious entry. In front of the door, we can see shrubs of different sizes on each side and an codern path elegantly leading toward the entrance.

9. Room for originality.

So, you do not have to choose only straight lines, we can see in this photo a stone walkway and garden with beautiful curves. Stones are the dominant elements in this garden, creating a beautiful composition.

10. Curved pathways.

Whether your path is made out of stone or lawn, a curved pattern surrounded by flower beds will always be elegant.

11. Interior entrance.

We couldn't leave an interior garden out of our list. In this picture, we can see the beautiful aesthetic details of a space with raw minimalism. This beautiful garden will grace the entrance of any home.

12. Small backyard.

Finally, a sample of what can be done in a relatively small space outside. Wrapped in stone cladding, a little imagination and concentration of vegetation can do wonders.

If this list has your green fingers itching, take a look at the do's and don'ts for every garden. 

Which of these 12 front gardens would suit your home the best?

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