6 dream apartments for modern families

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Today we are happy to bring you 6 examples of homes that many of us would inevitably like to own someday. The thing about beautiful and comfortable houses is, it may not be a huge house of splendor or a mansion of grandeur, but as long as you use every corner and pay attention to fine details, you may very well have the home of your dreams wherever you find yourself.

Available space is one thing to weigh against style and the opulence of your interiors, but another challenging in achieving a dream home may be the number and age of inhabitants you'll need to accommodate. A family home is undoubtedly different from that of a single professional, but nothing inhibits the former in achieving the potential style and taste of the latter.  

Today we will look at a few family homes in smaller apartments that still manage to stun us with their great sense of taste and elegance. If you pay attention to the interior design and decoration techniques employed here, you will surely be able to replicate these stylish and family-friendly rooms. Let's take a look!

1. Celestial yet practical.

At first sight, this beautiful family apartment looks simply angelic, and it may be difficult to imagine kids running around here. Taking a closer look however, we can see the use of practical materials on the ground, which are more child-friendly, with the more delicate items far out of reach of little hands. In this manner, the family has a very elegant living room in great taste, but which is still accessible to the whole family.

2. Utilizing space.

Here we have an apartment that is an open-plan orientation, comprising of one, large living space. We can see, however, that several different areas are created by the use of themed furniture arranged in a way to allow work- and leisure room for the whole family

3. Simplicity and style.

This living space of a small apartment is entirely family-oriented, with loads of open space and plenty of amenities for socialization, yet the pastel colors and Scandinavian furniture are strong testaments to good taste.

4. A modern family kitchen.

This sleek and clean modern kitchen is bright and lovely, but practical elements such of high shelving are also helpful when you have little kids running around.

5. Small but spectacular dining.

This little island extending from the kitchen worktop hosts a dining table just big enough for a young family, and the decorative environment enlivens and enlarges the sense of room. 

6. Family outing.

Lastly, we can't ignore an outdoor entertainment space where the family can meet regularly for dinner. This spectacular barbecue area on the rooftop porch is amazing, and you really don't need too much room to make it happen. 

We hope you enjoyed these 6 small family apartments, but if you want more, take a look at this lovely family home of 800 square feet!

What did you think of these apartments? Let us know in the comments!

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