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7 secrets of a clean home

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It is not enough for a house to be beautifully furnished or tastefully decorated. It should be neat and clean as well. Remember that a cluttered living room or a dirty bathroom can put your guests off in seconds! So keep these seven pointers in mind and incorporate them into your daily habit to keep your interiors spic and span.

1. Get rid of useless items.

Useless things, whether they are furniture or decor pieces, lead to clutter and shabbiness. Remove things that you really don’t need and go for a neat decor scheme. Your rooms will looks much cleaner.

2. Nothing like the present.

Avoid putting off the task of cleaning for tomorrow or the weekend. It will never happen then! Get started today if you get the time, because tomorrow you might get busy with something else.

3. Clean the bathroom often.

The bathroom is a space that is used on a daily basis and  takes a beating from water, shampoos, gels, oils and more. So clean it regularly and not just when guests drop in. The more frequently you clean it, the better it will shine!

4. Ample ventilation is must.

Just by doing something as simple as opening up windows, you can keep your home ventilated and fresh. Do it every day so that staleness doesn’t set in. The interior designers and decorators at VRLWORKS rendered this elegant bedroom.

5. Go for a sparkling kitchen.

The kitchen is another room besides the bathroom that needs regular cleaning. Don’t let dishes pile in the sink, since it sends a bad message about your aesthetics as well. Always keep surfaces clean and shiny so that cooking becomes a pleasure.

6. Organize laundry.

When dirty clothes are lying around, it is truly a disreputable sight. Keep your worn clothes or dirty laundry in a specific hamper until you find time to wash them. Once they are dry, the clean clothes too should be stashed away neatly in closets.

7. Break up cleaning chores.

Don’t try to clean everything together. It will seem like a humongous task and you will lose the motivation soon. Try to get a bit of cleaning done every day, so that the task seems doable.  

Keeping your house clean, fresh and clutter-free doesn’t seem impossible now, does it? 

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