21 time-saving tricks in the kitchen

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No matter how much you love to cook, working in the kitchen can get really stressful at times! So we will take you through 21 tips and tricks, which will not only help you to get your chores done faster, but also ensure your mental calm. Don’t miss out on how beautiful each kitchen looks too. Read on.

1. Get organized.

Unclutter your drawers and cabinets, and organize all your kitchen equipment.

2. Separate egg yolks easily.

To separate yolks and whites, crack an egg into a bowl and hold the mouth of a clean and empty bottle just over the yolk. Give a gentle squeeze and release to suck up the yolk, which you can then put in a different bowl. Edictum – Unikat Mobiliar, suppliers of furniture and accessories furnished this beautiful kitchen.

3. Avoid soggy noodles.

Don’t rinse noodles with cold water. Use warm water, this way, the noodles will stay warm and the sauce will stick to them nicely.

4. Broken cakes? No problem!

Simply put the broken pieces in a bowl, add cream or ice cream, and you have a yummy dessert! Much like an Eton mess. 

5. Avoid baking stains.

Arrange all your ingredients on a baking tray to avoid stains on the kitchen worktop. 

6. Easy way to crush herbs.

Using pizza cutters to crush herbs can make things incredibly easy. 

7. Bowl as a waste bin.

While you are cooking, use a bowl to accumulate waste so that there is no clutter and it becomes easy to clean afterwards.

8. Make water boil quickly.

Just add some salt and you are done!

9. Clean mixers smartly.

Simply add hot water and dish washing liquid to the mixer and switch it on. It will clean itself in no time.

10. Do wonders with frozen bread rolls.

Crumble such rolls in the blender to get breadcrumbs!

11. Get more juice from lemons.

Heat the lemons in the microwave shortly to squeeze more juice out of them.

12. Difficulty with cold butter?

Use a cheese grater! 

13. What to do with leftover wine?

Freeze it into ice cubes and use them in sauces later on.

14. Store peanut or almond butter upside down.

This will ensure that the oil doesn’t settle too much and the butter tastes creamier.

15. Use leftover chips cleverly.

Store them in an empty pepper mill and sprinkle on baked dishes for extra deliciousness.

16. Kitchen scissors for chopping herbs.

It is lot faster to chop herbs with scissors than with knives.

17. There’s more to an apple cutter.

Use it for potatoes as well!

18. Portion ice cream smartly.

Use the special ladle that helps in picking up round ice-cream balls along with a hot knife to easily scoop out the ice-cream.

19. What to do with moldy cheese?

Just cut off the mold if the cheese is hard and then use the latter without any worries.

20. Cookie cutters for shaping fried eggs.

Pour the egg into a pan and cut it into the shape you want with cookie cutters.

21. Faster way to cut strawberries.

An egg cutter will do the trick. 

Hope you found these tips super useful. 

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