25 facades of modern houses you must see before you build yours

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With architectural images and computer models, it is easy to have a clear view of the final result and it isn't based on guessing now. This allows the customers and professionals to have a concrete idea of what to expect before putting the first stone of construction.

In this idea book, we will present you 25 computer generated ideas that can give your home a new face. So, let’s discover them in Homify.

1. ​Closed ground floor, open upstairs

To protect the privacy of the house, you don’t always need to sacrifice the natural lights.   Opt for large windows and close the façade of the first floor.

2. ​Geometric simplicity

Use of well-defined volumes, right angles, and lines lets you create a clean and easy to digest façade. The one in this image show a perfect contemporary style.

3. ​Orientation

It’s not necessary for the window and doors to be front facing. Instead, it should meet the best use of solar impact.

​4. Colour accent

A façade painted in different colours can become a great visual appeal. Here the upper window bearing the shades of red creates a striking feature.

​5. White

White is that one perfect shade that you can’t miss in a modern design. Here it is providing an elegance and unique feature.

​6. Protection and transparency

The perimeter fence with bar gives extra protection to this house, but thanks to the lightness of the composition, which maintains the aesthetic value.

​7. Artistic details

 Even though, you have a modern style of façade, it can maintain its artistic details. The coating on the bottom of the main volume is the focal point of this house.

​8. Horizontal format

A horizontally developed house can make a unique presence in context to where it is located and this house is one perfect example.

9. Character

Depending on the opening and distribution of its components, this façade is providing a lot of character to this house, making it secure and robust.

10. ​Opening the street

A flow of communication has been maintained here with almost same patterns of façade.

11. ​Tropicalizing styles

This house has a re-interpreted the traditional style, which has adapted to a more contemporary approach.

12. Monochromatic

Modern facades can also be monochromatic and here you have a great example. White and gray work well for this façade.

13. ​Combining tones

A well-managed colour may be the most attractive point of a façade. Beige and light colours blend perfectly with the gray stone and concrete.

14. ​Playing with geometry

The designers of this house have created an appealing structure with well-defined geometric shapes and architectural elements.

15. ​Classic combination

The combination of stone, glass, wood, metal, and vegetation is one of the main features of this modern façade.

16. ​Intersection of planes

Just a vertical plane has defined the separation of volume in this house.

17. ​Contrasts and accents

The striking and vibrant colour of this house is acting miraculously in the predominately white façade.

18. ​Extension covered

Extending covers of the ceiling can achieve a modern and contemporary feel.

19. ​Two well-defined tones

Different volume and architectural elements have been separated by applying different shades.

20. ​Opening through glass

Along with giving modern character and unique transparency glass facades create an elegant and distinguished aesthetics.

21. ​Stone coatings

Stone coating can accentuate a specific element of the house. Here, it is creating a clear difference of architectural elements.

22. ​Classic and contemporary style

The combination of slanted and trim ceilings with some modern elements and monochrome palette results in a contemporary style.

23. ​Integration of vegetation

Plants and vegetation create a link between architecture and nature.

​24. Lightings

Lighting the exterior and interior highlights of the façade in an enchanting way and this house is one great way for the same.

25. ​Total simplicity

A modern façade can be simple, but when mixed with vegetation can elevate the modern architecture.

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