9 flagstone ideas to renovate the entrance of your home

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If, at the entrance of your home, you use a textured paint, a coating of stone, wood, or any detail that makes it different, you will get an appropriate decoration to give a sense of importance to this part of the facade of your house. Using stone on the facade, in that part which reinforces the idea that it is something special (like the entrance of the house), will ensure a natural, rustic decoration which you can get in different colors and tones to ensure it being in tune with your style of housing.

The hardy look of stone is due to its texture, but sometimes this material can be worked to have an almost smooth surface, which will eliminate some of its rustic attributes. In this article, we will be working with covering the entrances of homes with flagstone, in projects where they have handled the color and textures with great skill. This will give you a few good examples in the design of walls that can inspire you to do your own.

1. Squares and rectangles

In a modern house that has its main pivot door in white, the architects covered the entrance with stone slabs cut into small formats—square and rectangular shapes.

2. Curved wall with a variety of sizes

The shades used here, including grey and light brown, gently bring the hard stone into a definite contrast to the gateway in black material.

3. Neutral colours

this is a very nice entrance, which is enhanced by the coating in stone that is almost white beige. You can almost not imagine this area without the stone, as it would be totally bland and boring.

4. Elongated

This area laid with horizontal slats of stone in a dark colour, does a great job of elongating the visual space of the entrance hall.

5. Light contrasts

Both the electrical lighting scheme and the varying tones of the materials used in this entryway make for a pleasing visual contrast. 

6. A winding design

At the entrance here, we see a wooden door in a dominating design, with curved lines that follow the shapes of the stones that support it.

7. Gate and stone

Here we can see that the gate and the flagstones are in the same row width, and also leads in the same direction. This allows for continuity and unity in the design. 

8. The hardiness of granite, wood and stone

The combination of these three materials make for an impressive entryway to the home. 

9. Extending to the interior

Letting the flagstone exterior extend into the interior of your home will ensure and integration between life outside and in. 

Now that we covered the outdoor entryway extensively, take a look at what you can do with: interiors of entrances and corridors.

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