Comfort and coziness comes first in this home

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햇살품은 미니멀리즘 주택 [용인 방아리], 윤성하우징 윤성하우징 Modern Living Room
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For any busy modern family, anywhere in the world, having a safe and secure place to relax in is paramount. And this simple and stylish home built by South Korean architects YUNGSUNG HOUSING fits the bill perfectly. 

Spread over one level, it has a timeless design that will never date: the exterior is charming and sweet, with gray roofing, a wooden terrace and edged by an adorable garden and stone paving. And the interior is a blend of white walls, wooden flooring, subtle changes in textures and gentle colors added in some areas. It's a versatile home that would be perfect for a family looking for coziness and comfort. 

The fairytale exterior.

The white walls, dark blue/gray roofing and matching window edging present this home as one straight from a fairytale. With one large room on one wing, then a long section stretching out the side, this is a classic shape that can be built on a budget, and customized to suit many tastes. 

The Topiaries and stone-edged garden add some Asian flair and are ideal companions to this sweet home.

Added coziness with a simple stone wall.

This room is the heart of the home, and appropriately, it feels cozy and warm, and somewhere the family would love to spend a lot of time in. The stunning stone wall adds a touch of rustic flair, the simple wooden flooring keeps it low-maintenance, the white walls keep it versatile, and the playful pictures around the walls keep it personal and cheerful. Just add some classic furniture and the picture will be complete.

A difficult corner made dazzling and delightful.

Squeezed in between the bathroom and living room, this difficult corner could easily be uninspiring, or even depressing. Instead, it's been given a new life and covered in warm colored tiles, furnished with a pale blue wooden cupboard and finished with a unique washbasin. 

Getting the lighting right in these spaces is essential, and the designers here opted for three connecting lights for maximum brightness. We are definitely dazzled by this corner!

Getting playful with a pull-down ladder.

Additionally, this style of house comes with extra space upstairs, perfect for creating a little cozy bedroom in. And what is even more ideal, is having easy access to that space, with a pull down door and extendable ladder like this one. 

Made from sturdy wood and bright red handles, this is a ladder that is not only practical, but playful, and can be stored away when not in use to keep the passageway underneath clear. 

Simplicity and grace in the kitchen.

Connected to the main living room, it's important that the design of this kitchen is streamlined, classic and unfussy, so to not clutter the overall space. By using elegant gray for the cupboards, plain wood for the bench top and minimal details on the back wall, it doesn't upset the balance. The hanging lights are equally graceful and stylish.

A room of unlimited sun and potential.

The elevated area adjacent to the kitchen is such a versatile shape, it could easily be transformed into a number of different rooms. One idea would be to have it as an informal dining area. Imagine it with bench seating on two walls, with a wooden dining room table and a couple of individual chairs with lightly colored cushions. 

Just the place to soak up the sun and to while away Sunday mornings lazily reading the paper and filling up your cup of tea straight from the kitchen.

Playful access; playful colors.

Just like the pull down ladder to get into this bedroom, the colors of the walls are playful and cheerful. It can be difficult to use bold colors correctly in a room with low ceilings like this one, but lighter tones usually don't go wrong. 

Because of the single window, having enough artificial lighting is a priority and halogen light is a great solution. Add a deluxe double bed and this will be one cozy, unique bedroom.

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That pull down ladder is the perfect thing for a small hallway. Tell us what you think about it below. 

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